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The Amazing Cardboard Cat(box) Castle!

The next step in Operation Pinkkkity First Birthday Party is the Cardboard Box Cat Castle. I’ve been planning this in my head ever since I bought that pink tube way back in December. Was it only a month ago? It seems like ages ago.

The tube didn’t play into the design of construction as much as I planned. I thought I’d make the tube go between two cardboard box rooms but I had to nix that idea because the tube is big and I have to leave some space in my living room for people to stand around and eat and stuff. Not everybody who comes to this party will want to play in the box castle. Believe me, I’ve been in and out of it many times and it’s a little tight for grown-ups. Fun but tight.

Baby Bug and the cats have been having a blast with me making this. It’s like Disneyland every day at our house. Toby is hiding in his back room office muttering to himself. He’s so over the whole party already. I’m only allowed to plan one party a year and you can see why. It takes over.

Almost everything is done though. Just a few more posts about painting the castle…. um, PINK!!! the cupcakes and cake and I think that oughtta do it before the big day. I just hope I have time to take pictures on the day itself. I might have to enlist some help from friends on that one because I also want to make sure Baby Bug has a good time and I can’t be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to document everything and be the hostess with the mostest too.

I’m a terrible hostess. I want to talk to everybody but I also want to make sure every stray piece of trash is in the trash can and that seems to distract me quite a bit. I’ve never done this before and be a mom too… not to mention the chaos that other people’s children add to the mix.

Toby and I were at a party over the holidays and there were about six or seven 8-10 year olds there also. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was mayhem! They kept running in and out of the house and leaving the door open and letting the arctic draft freeze us all to death. And of course there was the yelling and the bopping each other over the head with plastic shovels. All the parents didn’t even seem to be phased by this. I think when Baby Bug gets that age and wants to invite her whole class, I’m going to retire from party planning. Or maybe we’ll just go to Paris or something.

Just kidding. We aren’t made of money. Although Toby did say to me the other day, “If you do this when she is one, what are you going to do when she is sixteen?”

“Go to Paris,” I answered. Of course this is all part of my master plan where I become a famous illustrator and Sanrio buys the rights to all my pink kitty characters, and Gumball TAKES OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

A girl can dream.


  • LVGurl

    How fun! I want a castle in my house that I can crawl around in! Oh yeah, my little girls would like it too :)

    Been lurking for a while, so HI!! I dig your style. Baby Bug is so sweet.

  • Terri

    Cheesy Movie Reference Alert: You remind me of Tom Hanks’ deceased wife in Sleepless in Seattle. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, except for the deceased part. I imagine most women had the “awwww” reaction when he says about her, “She made everything beautiful.” That’s what you do! Except you’re ALIVE! Joy and jubilation. Great job on the house!

  • elisabeth

    Wow, you are quite impressive. Well done! I thought a few balloons and banners color cordinated with the invitation was considered “going all out” at my boy’s 1st bday. Bday #2 is coming up. What to do, what to do. :)

  • BeachMama

    You are the coolest party planner. Baby Bug is going to have the best baby photo albums. All the other kids are going to be so jealous of Baby Bugs parties. I know I am! The kids are going to have a blast playing in the castle :).

  • aunt kathy

    Looks like it’s going to be a fun party. I can’t wait to see the castle done! I know you won’t disappoint.

  • Punchbugpug

    Have you considered becoming a party planner????? Now, I’ve planned a lot of parties…but wow, what a great job!!!! I LOVE the castle…what a fantastic idea!!!!! You must have someone take videos of the event and tons of pictures…it is too fab to not document. Heck, you could do a scrapbook just of Baby Bugs birthdays!!!!! Hoorah!!!! Love the pink too…nothing pink at my house anymore. My daughter is 20 and lavender is her game. Ahhh, I miss pink……

  • Estrella

    I love following the adventures of Gumball! Best of luck to you as you continue to plan your festivities. I’m sure the party will be a temendous hit!

  • OMSH

    Okay, here’s the deal. Invite me to the party. I promise to walk around and gather trash, keep all counters wiped, wear a Gumball Kitty apron, close any doors that any toddler to high school aged child opens, AND I’ll take pictures.

    No really, I will.

    I just need THAT TICKET.

  • sheSays

    i wish i can be as creative as you…! cool castle! im very sure someday your creativity will get you somewhere and even if it won’t, you will be your baby bug’s idol. hehe.

  • Angella

    You are the coolest Mommy ever. Seriously. I hear you on the hostess with the mostess thing. One trick I learned – keep a big garbage bag handy. Two actually – one for any recycling, and one for garbage. I make rounds as I visit with people and clean as I go. I also make signs so people can put their own stuff away as well :)

  • Miriam

    How fun!!! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m working on a “bookworm party” for my daughter’s 2nd birthday at the end of the month. Birthday parties are so fun and I get excited to see how frugally I can make all my ideas happen. Also, I would definitely advise having someone take pictures and someone else video your daughter’s party. That way you can enjoy the BIRTHDAY GIRL!