Slow News Day

Cabin Fever

You know you’re bored when you start taking pictures of your kid’s toys. Or maybe you’re just brilliantly witty like OMSH. (Jailgy, have you seen this?!!) I swear though, I didn’t mean to copy her. But how can I not? The brilliance! The originality! The commentary! I haven’t even had a chance to read it all yet. I’m too busy trying to keep Baby Bug entertained and myself sane.

It’s been raining for ages. Make that two days, but it feels like ages. How do you guys out there in snow-land do it? I start twitching and chasing my tail if I don’t get outside every day. I’m so sick of my house, I can’t stand it. Let alone keeping Baby Bug quiet so Toby can focus on work. I could probably stay inside for months on end if it was just me and my laptop but Baby Bug has a fit when I zone out by the computer. She knows the laptop is the “other baby” and she is very very jealous.

The sun finally did come out and we took full advantage of it by walking down to the beach. It was really pretty. The tide was way way out. I took a ton of pictures but I’m going to have to post them tomorrow. My server guy says I need to keep my slide shows to a minimum. I think I already have too many flipping pictures with my little toy show. Speaking of, feel free to click over to my TOYS flickr set and help me think of funny captions, ’cause I am never going to be as funny as OMSH all by myself. Okay, I’m done linking her now. I promise. No more OMSH until next week, maybe.


  • Jennifer

    It’s so hard to keep babies and kids quiet indoors. DH is still in the livingroom and he had a FOUR HOUR conference call. I was doing pretty good at keeping AC quiet but all heck broke loose when I picked Emily up from preschool. Those 4 hours completely killed me for the day. Luckily there was a nap taken during that time. I love that penguin. I make him squeak all day long :P

  • julie

    how do people in snowland do it? We take the kids out in all kinds of weather. just because it’s raining or snowing doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. Believe me Baby Bug won’t melt.

  • julie

    how do people in snowland do it? We take the kids out in all kinds of weather. just because it’s raining or snowing doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. Believe me Baby Bug won’t melt. Let her stomp in puddles.

  • pinky

    i’m so glad you linked to that fisher-price photo set! I also had two washing-machine-size cardboard boxes sitting in a back room (uh…for a year) sent from my mother. I finally unpacked them during my winter break, and I finally have my four childhood Fisher-Price sets sitting on a bookshelf where I can marvel at their timeless cuteness. I was thinking about taking photos of them, and their little wooden occupants!

    it’s odd – when looking at OMSH’s photoset, even the toys that I didn’ t have look so familiar!

  • Angella

    How do we do it in the snow? Well, I for one HATE the snow. When it’s too cold to go outside, we go inside…to other places. Play dates are great – the kids get to play with someone else’s toys and us moms get some company :)

  • OMSH

    So, first … I had Kenny come take a look at Baby Bug’s toys and he said, “She’s like me, she likes them in a LI-ON (which is short for line, of course). When it got to the blowfish he cracked up and went to look for his Nemo movie. I’m scheduled to watch Nemo in 5, so I need to make this short.

    IT HAS RAINED and RAINED for 40 daysies-daysies and I’m SICK OF IT! The back yard has gone from somewhat flooded to smooshy, to mud pit. I need cold and sun, but for some reason my order isn’t getting through to the Big Guy up there.

  • Liss

    Where I live, places like the library and Borders Books have free storytimes for babies and toddlers. Those are great on rainy days – there’s one almost every day of the week within a 5-mile radius! I’m sure there are lots near you, too.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    Love the toys. When looking at the Flickr set, I thought the little horsey pull toy was life sized- the size a toddler could actually pull behind them. So when the slide show flipped to the photograph with Bug in it, I jumped because she looked like a giant.

  • Ariel

    I’m pretty sure you can upload animated GIFs to flickr. Then you can easily embed them into your html (go to “all sizes” on the flickr photo page to grab the img tag). That way flickr would bear the load of serving your slideshows, not your own server. But on the downside, then your slideshows would appear in your flickr stream, and I’m not sure if you want that. (If you mark them private, I think they will appear here but not in your stream.) Just a thought.

  • Gretchen

    We bundle up and head out anyway! or I finally finish up my craft room ;).

    Have you checked the library for programs, or just as a place to hang out?

  • BeachMama

    We buy really, really warm clothes that take half the morning to put on. Go outside for however long, depending on how cold it is, then come inside and spend another half hour getting undressed from being out in the cold. It is worth it though and fills up your morning.

    For rainy times, I have a rainsuit and rainboots for J. We go out in the backyard and I let J jump in puddles and roll around on the wet grass, he loves it and he stays dry underneath.

    But of course we love the dry weather and live for summer days when we spend all day outside instead of only part of it.

    Hope it clears up for you soon, the toys are really cute.

  • Abbey

    Have you had good weather today?? We had an hour or two of beautiful sunshine and warmth inbetween the nasty grey clouds that have been lurking for days. Of course, it’s cloudy here again…ahhh the bay area! Gotta Love the Coast! : )

    Just got your note on my picture
    and to answer your question, Yep…used the Lensbaby.

    I just LOVE that thing!! I never want to take it off my camera! Not to mention it’s about 1/16 the size and weight of my normal lens that I have on there. : )

    Have a great weekend!