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budding artist

We always joke that Baby Bug is either going to be an artist like us or really really really hate art and become an accountant. Which would actually be a good thing because neither Toby nor I have a good head for numbers. We could use an accountant in the family. But it looks like we might have hold out for kid number two. Baby Bug seems to really like coloring.


  • jo's mom

    reminds me of someone else I know about 30 plus years ago… you always preferred the blank side of the placemat

  • OMSH

    What kind of art does your husband do? I’m so jealous of anyone that can draw. I mean that is basically being able to create ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

    Got a napkin? Create.
    Got a memo pad? Create.
    Some sand on a beach? Create.


    She’s adorable. Of course she’ll be a creative like you guys – soooo in her genes.

  • josephine

    hee hee… she’s going to be a butt alright.

    Toby is a photogragher but he can draw and paint and everything else too. He does most of his art on the computer creating manipulated photographs… he does a lot of work like putting grass on lawns that were just bare dirt, putting water in pools and water fountains, overlaying masked photographs to fix impossible lighting situations, color correcting…. What he does is art but when you look at the photo you don’t know it’s anything more than just a talented photographer framing a good image. He’s a pretty good photographer too, if you don’t mind me saying so.

    His website is

  • josephine

    I looked at your photos and you’ve got plenty of style. And even if you don’t feel like you do, my motto is: fake it till you make it. Hope that helps!

  • Bethany

    My daughter kept trying to eat the crayons till she was about 18 mos, which is when the real coloring seemed to start in earnest.

  • paula

    the artist whose work i’m admiring here is you. i am so in love with all the wonderful expressions you capture of your daughter. i would love to be able to do the same for my kids if i have some. whenever i try to take pictures of people i manage to miss the crucial, magic moment. your photographs are wonderful.

  • BeachMama

    What a great set of photos, I love when kids draw with crayons. J still just writes lines mostly but he is getting the hang of circles and starting to make squares. I wouldn’t mind a little creativity in him.