1:45 pm update

Forgive me for the typos… I’m just gonna jot something down quickly so as not to keep you in suspense. What would I do without you internet! You are like my own personal cheering crowd. Thank you.

I went to the ultrasound. The technician didn’t say she found anything. I didn’t press her though. She seemed very efficient in her job and reading the pictures she takes is not her job. She told me my doctor would contact me in 3-5 days. THREE to FIVE DAYS!!! Well. I don’t think so.

I’m going to call my doctor this afternoon, if she doesn’t call me first. Right now they are on their lunch break so I can’t pester them too much. And man is my doctor busy! The office only has two examining rooms. It’s just a cracker box of a doctor’s office and there were about twenty people in the waiting room!!! I had to wait to see her for over a half an hour yesterday. No worries. I could hear her in the next room talking to an overweight man about losing weight. She’s very kind and thorough so I don’t mind waiting because she spends just as much time with me. I love her.

I’m thinking since the ultrasound technician didn’t exclaim something like “Wow! Look at that tumor the size of a grapefruit!” or “Your gallbladder looks like it’s being attacked by asteroids!” that I don’t have anything wrong with my gallbladder, my spleen or my liver. I think those are all the things she checked. It was tricky deciphering the code on the monitor. “RK Liver” means what? Anyway. I think the ultrasound proved nothing. Which is good but a bummer, ’cause I just want to know what’s wrong with me already!!!

When I got home I was near faint from hunger so I was brave and made myself a bowl of oatmeal. Guess what! The oatmeal has stayed down! So far so good. It might be too soon to say though. It was 11 when I ate it. It’s 1:45 now. No major pain. Just burning and some achiness in my back that I can almost ignore. I’m even thinking I might have enough strength to go to the store since we are seriously out of groceries. Baby’s gotta have diapers too.

At 2 I’m calling my doctor and I HOPE she’s not too busy to give me some news.

Until then!

Edited to add: at 2pm left msg with dr. I guess no news is good news.