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Life’s Just Duffy

It’s hard to blog about our little trip in the Duffy with the impending birth of Whoorlito taking center stage but I must because it was super fun and I want to make sure I log it in while the memory is still fresh. That and the baby is asleep and I don’t know when I’ll get my next blog break. AND today we are going RASPBERRY picking (!) and I have to make room for that post. Hopefully I’ll get word from Whoorl before we head for the raspberry patches and far away from wifi connections.

Speaking of making room for posts…

I also have another new niece who was born during my crazy family visiting/friends visiting/baby shower week and I haven’t blogged about her yet. I’m feeling horrible about it because you know how much I love nieces and I want to make sure this latest addition to the family gets as much fan fare as all the others but I’m just waiting to hear from her mommy whether or not it’s okay to post pictures etc…. (Her mom has had some issues with weirdo stalkers in the past so I have to respect her privacy.)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

There is nothing so fun as tooting around the harbor in a Duffy with your out of town relatives. Duffy’s are little electric boats with lots of seats, a table in the middle and a canvas roof on top. They are actually native to Newport Beach. You can read the history of them here. It costs about 80 bucks to rent them for an hour but it is totally worth it when you want to spend a lazy afternoon showing your relatives the sights. You can’t go very fast but it’s way more fun than eating seafood in an expensive restaurant and looking at the boats through the window. Especially since I don’t like seafood anyway.

Baby Bug and her cousin Emster thought is was grand.


  • Clownfish

    Those Duffy boats are great. Being electric, they’re quiet so you can carry on comfortable conversations as you cruise around. I remember when we did that with the JM Factory Christmas party; it was fun!

  • Gramma

    Sure hope you get lots and lots of raspberries. Picking and selling raspberries was my very first job…I had a row of canes on the edge of my Dad’s garden. They were completely uunder my care. I’d pick, box and haul aound to neighbors in my brother’s wagon, hopefully to sell them at 15 cents a quart box. Quite an enterprise for a 10-year-old. Incidentally, that row was still there when KJA and I visited Columbia in 1991!

  • Jennifer

    What is it about a life vest on a baby that is sooo cute? Looks like you all had a great time. I’ve never been on a Duffy boat before but I have gone sailing at Dana Point and I was almost that capsized boat you got a picture of. Husband forgot to hang on to the tiller when a gust of wind hit us.

    Mmmm, raspberries. Where do you pick those? Sounds like fun.

  • stavroula

    ahhhhh – that “Happy Hooker” boat!!! I swear that I remember seeing it when I was in high school (looong ago). The sad thing is that there are probably several of them around there.

    Lovely pictures of what sounds like a very fun day.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness girl! You are so fortunate to have the opportunity to go on the little “three hour tour” thingie. Here there is NOTHING like that within 250 miles ( that we know of ) and why I have no idea. My husband and I have been discussing the opportunity that we will have once my daughter graduates high school (2 years including this one that starts in 2 weeks) and his retirement date nears. We are thinking that moving to eastern Oklahoma near a natural body of water that is blue instead of brown will give us the opportunities to own a business like the one where you rented the boat for a few hours. Maybe do some kayak rentals…wave runners…who knows! I’m looking forward to it!

  • Daisy Mae

    Oh what fun, I am so jealous. We opted for the expensive seafood thingy when we were at the beach last week. The Duffy looks much more fun (and easier on the wasitline).

  • Photographer Lori

    Husband and I took the dog to Balboa Island today….I looked for you! ;) There were tons of moms and babies walking around. Didn’t see you, though. That would have been so weird/funny/odd if I had. :)


  • BeachMama

    Can I be a relative and visit? Your trip to the beach and Duffy ride look like the perfect summer day treat. HOpe you are enjoying having visitors and being touristy in your own city.