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Illustration Friday Tuesday: Capture

Baby Bug is the wiggliest worm these days. She gets more and more coordinated and independent every day and that translates into a wiggly baby flipping every which way except the way I want her to go. Changing her diaper has turned into an olympic event. I break a sweat just trying to pin her down long enough to get the velcro tabs on her diaper fastened. Half the time I’m putting her diaper on backwards while she wriggles away from me on her tummy.

I figured this would be a good submission for Illustration Friday since the topic is “capture”.


  • Jennifer

    Same thing over here! Diaper changes have gone wacky. I have to save really interesting “toys” for diaper changes (empty bandaid boxes, dipping spoons, etc.) We’ve been calling our babe “tick tock” because she pivots around on the floor like a clock hand forever. Then she’ll add an occasional roll roll roll…….

  • Texas T-bone

    Wiggly is good, wiggly means healthy and happy. If that is true then our second child is going to be an Olympic athlete; he’s apparently doing lutzes and gymnastics moves even before he’s born.

    You’ve got some time to ponder this, but just wait until potty training. Then “wiggly” translates to “wet bathroom.” Well, at least with a boy.

  • ellen

    OMG! I can’t leave your site! Seems I have been trapped by all the neat links you have on the left!!!!!!! Between reading them and forwarding them to worthy people I will be here for hours!

  • liz

    Start teaching her “The wheels on the bus.” and sing it while changing her diaper. She might be old enough to start rolling her hands and that should keep the rest of her still.

  • Daisy Mae

    I love your illustrations. When I grow up I want to be able to draw as good as you with Illustrator. That’s assuming that I ever grow up though, as I am determined to stay 15 forever, or 29. Which isn’t an easy feat for a grandma.