Bug,  illos

kick kick kick, suck suck suck

Five month olds are so much fun. Like my friend said the other day, you don’t realize how boring infants are until they start getting a whole lot more interesting. Not that we would ever say babies are boring but they sure are a lot more fun when they’re smiling and wiggling and showing all kinds of personality.

And boy is Baby Bug showing her personality. One thing that cracks me up but annoys me at the same time is how she likes to kick me while she eats. It seems to aid her in the digestion process somehow. Suck suck suck, kick kick kick, suck suck suck, kick kick kick. My arm and shoulder get the crap beaten out of them. If I try to hold her leg so she’ll stop kicking me, then she arches her back and stops eating. So I let her kick. Kick kick kick, suck suck suck…


  • kedge

    Sounds like she’s getting ready for Fast Food. Or to Eat and Run. Maybe it’s eating and running simultaneously.

  • Jamie

    That is the cutest illustration! Have you ever heard of “nursing necklaces?” They help distract the baby and the ones I’ve seen are pretty darn cool. Urban Baby Runway has them (http://store.urbanbabyrunway.com/nune.html) and I know I’ve run across them elsewhere online. Of course, if she’s like my girls she’ll probably still keep kicking. ;)

  • carrien

    Don’t let her keep it up, because when they turn 1 or 2, and they still think it’s fun to kick you while they nurse, IT REALLY HURTS. Not that I would have the bruises to show for it or anything. She will yell or protest a couple of times they always do when they run into limits for the first time, but if you persist, she’ll learn to stop.

  • CanadianProgrammer

    “You don’t realize how boring infants are until they start getting a whole lot more interesting”:
    Replace ‘infants’ with (current age minue 1-2 months), and it’s still true for HH, even after 16+ months. My BIL (with 2.5 kids of his own) calls it “becoming human”. :)

  • american girl

    I get kicked and pinched and pushed to no end. My daughter’s favorite trick lately is to put her hand right next to my nipple and push away…which effectively breaks suction and HURTS. I didn’t know breastfeeding was a contact sport!

    We are enjoying 5 months so much, too!

  • Lorna

    My 4-month-old likes to scratch the boob while she eats. And now that the teething has started, she likes to chew on me as well. OUCH!

  • aunt kathy

    I had a baby that would not go to sleep in my arms and would kick and kick to keep herself awake! If I held her leg still she got mad but eventually would give in and go to sleep. She’s got a cousin that would kick and kick but I don’t know why he did it. But I know Chuggy Pepper had a real time with him.

  • BeachMama

    Sorry for the kicks! I didn’t have that while nursing, but the payback now is incredible. I get kicked all day long. And my boy is very athletic, so yes, it hurts ;)

  • Kristin

    Nolan has started to “bat” the opposing nipple. I mean, the nipple he’s not sucking on.

    Actually, no matter how you slice it, it’s a little disturbing.

    I think the weaning will commence shortly.

  • Jamie

    I’m dealing with hair pulling, kicking, and now biting with a sharp little tooth. The things we mothers go through for our babies, right? :)

  • Carly

    Lucy only kicks and squirms when she has to poop. Or has something interesting to say. Fortunately her two new! bottom teeth are covered by her tongue, so no biting yet…

    We do, however, have to keep the volume low on the TV while nursing, as she tries to whip her head around to see it. With my nipple in her mouth. Ouch!