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Just a quick post to let you know I’m not stuck in my deep thoughts in the sticks any more. I’m back home now and I’m thinking shallow thoughts. Just kidding. I’m back though. My brother drove out with me and we had a really nice time hanging out, just the three of us (Baby Bug slept the whole way) I let my brother drive my new car and even though he hates German cars, he admitted my car was very fun to drive. (He’s a Honda mechanic.) Toby wasn’t very happy with me when my brother described how he drove my car. I had asked my Bro to put gas in it while I was in Walmart shopping with my mom and apparently he did some “tricks” in the parking lot while he waited for us. Arg. Oh well. At least he didn’t wreck it.

I wanted to write something about all the things I love about my mom’s house. Maybe to counter all the stuff I said about her clutter…But it’s late so I’m just going to spout off a quick rambly list:

Her garden, my mom’s garden is her pride and joy. The swing under the arbor that is always shady and pleasant no matter how hot the sun burns down… The blow-up swimming pool she puts up every year for my nieces, the popsicles in the freezer in the garage, the pepper trees that rain down pepper berries everywhere and smell like pepper. My mom’s spaghetti and her stash of baking chocolate that she doesn’t get mad about if I sneak off sections in the middle of the night. Her great big bed that is great for sprawling on and watching tv or just chatting. I can’t leave out the wireless internet–that rocks. Her vast variety of shampoos and hair products to choose from and my own special drawer with my own toothbrush and toothpaste and clothes for when I forget my own. The fish aquarium that dribbles water over the filter waterfall all night long, putting you to sleep like a white noise machine. The birds that chirp endlessly from the branches of the magnolia trees. The cats that run in and out. There is always a cat in sight because there are so many of them… Her loyal dogs that only listen to her and protect us ferociously… I could go on and on.

I do love visiting my mom’s house.

Up next: How I got my first nick in my car, and why my old roommate “Biff” would be proud of me.


  • GenE Shockley

    I read before I take time to look at your new pics. I got to the last line and I gotta ask????????

    You already have a nick in your NEW car? BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • PJ

    AH – the God of Dings, Dents, and Scratches has blessed you with your innoculation early. You see, anything new and shiny must be put in its place, and the smaller and earlier it happens, the least likely you are to have a major one later. I had a friend who had bragged to me on her cell while she was shopping that she’d had her car a year, and it was still perfect. I warned her! I said, “Be careful, the GoDDS will hear you.” She laughed at me. When she got to the parking lot, there was a HUGE dent and smear of blue paint on her white car. Someone had obviously banged their door into hers really hard. She was most unhappy.

    So, as awful as it is to have a nick in the new car, this hopefully protects you from a big one later. ^_^


  • H

    your mom has beauty outside – with a beautiful garden and cooperating weather. this probably balances out the messy things inside.

    Here in Germany the weather is so poor over winter (and spring too!) that people spend countless hours deocorating their homes and apartments. Every nook and cranny is attended to with custom lighting and just the perfect plant.

    The downside is that we spend soooo much time indoors without sunlight, that our children have to take Vitamin D and iron etc and the adults suffer from seasonal depression.

    A tidy cute home doesn’t solve all of our problems.

  • aunt kathy

    Beautiful pics. Guess what? I have photoshop. I looked on my desktop and there it was! How it got there I don’t know. Maybe I have to buy something because I tried to work with it and it wouldn’t cooperate. :( I like your slideshows.

  • Brown Man

    Still as talented as ever!!! I am happy to hear that you are doing well. I hope being a mom is everything you wished for and more. Keep being the creative genius you are!!

    Brown Man

  • Kristin

    Home is so peaceful, isn’t it?

    I think that creating a soft place for your children to land is one of the most important things a Mom can do. And I also believe in career and feminist power and bla bla bla. But that safe, kind place is irreplaceable.

  • Nila

    No matter what drama your mama brings (my mama brings me lots), there’s always those things that make her home…home.

    Thanks for sharing yours, they remind me of the things I love about my mom and grandma’s houses.

  • BeachMama

    One could already tell from previous posts how much you love visiting your Mom. Perhaps she spends more time playing with the kids outside than tidying up inside? That is all that really matters because that is what everyone will remember as they get older. Not the papers piled up on the table but how much fun they had with Grandma.

    Sorry to hear about your first nick. It happens, and once you get over the first one, the others arent’ so bad.

  • Daisy Mae

    Oh no, not a nick already. Sad to say but the same thing happened to my new car that I have had for 2 weeks. It happened when I had it 1 week. Just the tinest of knicks but I know its there and I am not happy about it. People just don’t seem to care anymore about how they damage other peoples property. Don’t get me going!

    A pepper tree? How cool!