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Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce

Joon could have her own cooking show so I decided to let her guest star on my blog. She’s a natural.
Take it away Joon.


This is my famous caramel sauce. Here is how you make it:


First: get a plate. Second: get a waffle out of the freezer. Third: Put your waffle in your bread thingamajiggy/toaster.

Step four: wait.

Step five: get your syrup and whupt cream.

Step six: do jumping jacks while you wait for the toaster. Pop! It’s done.


Step seven: place everything nice and neatly like this.


Step eight: you put the syrup on the side of your plate. Step nine: put the whupt cream on top of the syrup and waffle. Step ten: mix! (see top photo for visual)


Step eleven: enjoy!

Here is a video:

Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce from secretagentjo on Vimeo.


  • lynne

    Happy New Year ! Thank you for sending the lovely holiday card :) I love this post by Joon and will remember her tip to do jumping jacks while waiting for the microwave to go “ping”, excellent way of getting more exercise in 2016. xx

  • mamalang

    I had to come back and comment that I accidentally tried your recipe on Christmas morning, and then everyone at the table had to try it. It really does taste like caramel! Amazing :)

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