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    Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce

    Joon could have her own cooking show so I decided to let her guest star on my blog. She’s a natural.
    Take it away Joon.


    This is my famous caramel sauce. Here is how you make it:


    First: get a plate. Second: get a waffle out of the freezer. Third: Put your waffle in your bread thingamajiggy/toaster.

    Step four: wait.

    Step five: get your syrup and whupt cream.

    Step six: do jumping jacks while you wait for the toaster. Pop! It’s done.


    Step seven: place everything nice and neatly like this.


    Step eight: you put the syrup on the side of your plate. Step nine: put the whupt cream on top of the syrup and waffle. Step ten: mix! (see top photo for visual)


    Step eleven: enjoy!

    Here is a video:

    Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

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    Guest Post from My Dad, The Glove Guy

    Attention Search and Rescue Team Members! After you read my story here, please go to www.tomstruckshop.com. Click on Safety Jackets. We specialize in outfitting  SAR teams with the 8 in 1 Transformer Winter Bomber Jacket. Please call Tom at (951) 216-5323 for further information.


    I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote a blog about our winter waterproof insulated gloves and Brenda posted it here.  We sold more than 50 pair of gloves in the weeks before Christmas.  A Big Thank You to those of you who responded!


    As Winter wore off and Spring 2013 came around, we turned the focus of our glove business, Tom’s Truck Shop,  in a few new directions.  I acquired a new online catalog host for  Tom’s Truck Shop that would allow me to market a number of products, not just the single glove we were featuring last Winter.  We included a handyman’s glove, a perfect glove for the carpenter/handyman that features wonderful protection from  blisters and abrasion while employing a special gripping surface that allows a person to grip a hammer or a tool with 50% less fatigue.  The greatest feature of ths glove though is the tips of the thumb, index finger, and the middle finger are exposed to allow picking up a nail or a screw.  Or texting on their cell phone!  How many handymen have had to remove their gloves to send a text message.


    Tom’s Truck Shop also expanded into the High Visibility Apparel.  We are all about protecting the hands, how about protection from being hit by a vehicle?  We have some wonderful Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets, Vests, Rain Gear, and some very good prices too.  My supplier ordered a whole shipment of Hi-Vis apparel from his factories (of course they are in China), and while in shipment, some of the layers of fabric that were black left a shadow on the bright yellow fabric.  The actual blemish is very slight, noticeable only under bright light and mostly not noticeable at all.  But it forced my supplier to liquidate them at half price and they can’t be sold as 100% ANSI compliant (that is the regulatory requirement for highway workers.  ANSI compliant apparel must adhere to strict standards, even different  classes depending on the speed of traffic the highway worker will be exposed to.  As an example, if a highway worker will be exposed to traffic traveling 50 MPH or higher, He/She must be wearing Class 3 ANSI compliant Hi-Vis apparel.)

    We are currently selling these blemished bomber jackets for $35.  They are only available in XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X.  They are perfect for anyone needing to be visible to traffic or other moving equipment.  Also these jackets are fleece-lined and are very WARM! The fleece lining can be unzipped and removed  and the jacket can be worn as a light windbreaker.  These jackets are 100% Waterproof.  I should note we also have a complete line of ‘Perfect’ Hi-Vis ANSI Compliant Apparel.  Please contact Tom’s Truck Shop for a quote.  There are excellent discounts for bulk sales.

    Just recently we were privileged to outfit the Placer County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue in Auburn  CA (near Sacramento California) with bright orange ANSI Compliant 8 in 1 Transformer Bomber Jackets.  They ordered 71 jackets from us.  This beautiful jacket is a full winter waterproof Bomber jacket,  yet the inside liner zipps out, the sleeves unzip and come off, and this jacket can be worn as a summer lightweight Hi-Vis vest.  Altogether, there are 8 different configurations.  We had the jackets lettered on the back and each Search & Rescue member has their name over the right front pocket.  The last word is they are very happy with their new winter bomber jackets.


    Earlier this year we outfitted the Tehama County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue with 17 of the jackets. They look pretty happy too.


    Brenda found these high-visibility Knuckle-Head glove particularly interesting. She likes them because they are fashionable (!) but they are actually really practical because they have knuckle protection, back of the hand protection and palm protection as well as a terrycloth material on thumb to use as a brow wipe. We don’t have them on the site yet but I imagine motorcycle riders, BMX and extreme sports riders would find these really useful. Email if you are interested.


    Speaking of Brenda, she  has a wonderful friend, Anna Epp, who is also an excellent photographer.  We asked her to take some pictures of her husband shoveling the walk, sweeping the snow off the car, etc. using our glove.


    I have a few questions for those of you who purchased our waterproof gloves.  First, were they what you thought they were going to be and how were they received by the intended recipient?  Did they do the job?  I would love to hear your story, good or otherwise.  I would like to know if they are still holding up and can they make it through another winter?


    I’m working on developing a new and improved website (not pictured here) for my online glove store and I’d like to collect some interesting reviews.  If you have owned a pair of my gloves or you gave them to someone and you have some feedback, I’d love to hear your story.  If I post your story on my website I will send you a free pair of gloves.  I’m a very small company and I answer all of my emails personally so hit me up! Email me at  tomtruckshop (at) gmail.com.  I love to answer questions and talk about my gloves. In fact, my family says that’s all I talk about.

    Since I live in Southern California where it never snows my hat is off to you who have real weather every day.

    Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

    – Tom