Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce

Joon could have her own cooking show so I decided to let her guest star on my blog. She’s a natural.
Take it away Joon.


This is my famous caramel sauce. Here is how you make it:


First: get a plate. Second: get a waffle out of the freezer. Third: Put your waffle in your bread thingamajiggy/toaster.

Step four: wait.

Step five: get your syrup and whupt cream.

Step six: do jumping jacks while you wait for the toaster. Pop! It’s done.


Step seven: place everything nice and neatly like this.


Step eight: you put the syrup on the side of your plate. Step nine: put the whupt cream on top of the syrup and waffle. Step ten: mix! (see top photo for visual)


Step eleven: enjoy!

Here is a video:

Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce from secretagentjo on Vimeo.