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    Back to Life


    Have you noticed I’ve been blogging every day? Wait. Don’t say anything. It will jinx it. But you can comment if you want. That’s what I should say from now on when people say I don’t blog enough. I should say: comment more and I’ll blog more! And commenting in the safe world of Facebook DOES NOT COUNT! Not that I don’t love your Facebook love. I do. I’m just not a stellar Facebook user.

    Anyway, here I am back to life in my small smelly apartment that does not have a fireplace or apple cider doughnuts being fried in the kitchen. My cat sitter was great and totally changed the cat box while I was gone but I stayed away an extra day and I haven’t gotten around to it today. Too busy doing other back-to-life things like:

    time to put the groceries away

    Grocery shopping! We had NO food. It was fun trying to make Bug’s lunch this morning. Leftover pumpkin pie instead of a sandwich because we are out of bread? Bug thought that was great. She loves pumpkin pie, which is awesome since so do I.

    time to do laundry

    Laundry. Plah. That was also challenging this morning since all of Bug’s favorite black Hello Kitty skinny shirts and leggings were dirty. She wore a green shirt, tights and cut off jeans over top. Winter, California-style.

    need to declutter my desk

    And of course work. My desk is a big cluttery mess. But at least I have happy cheery snowflakes in my windows and oranges on my desktop. Tis the season!

    piggy gym bag

    I’m also back on the work-out-at-the-gym wagon. I thought walking Bug back and forth to school everyday was enough exercise for me but apparently not. Either that or the community dryer here shrinks everything! Heh. So I have a cute piggy gym bag to help motivate me. I’m actually liking the gym, they have a zumba class every day at the perfect time! That never happens for me usually.

    I pretend the spots are snow

    Meditation. Those spots you see on my window, pretend they are snow.

    feeling like chopping it all off

    And a shot of me so you don’t forget what I look like. Heh. You can’t really tell in this photo but my hair is getting really long. It’s finally getting to the length I’ve wanted it for the last two years and you know what that means, I feel like chopping it all off! Why does this always happen to me?!!

    So how was your Thanksgiving and how are you adjusting back to normal life? I think I need to vacuum.