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    watching Hairspray

    It’s amazing how much more a home can seem like a home once you hang pictures and add a bunch of people to it. Well, obviously the people make a house a home…but you know what I mean.

    Bethany’s house has this really big living room. The ceiling is so tall you could easily hang a decorative kimono and a gallery of family portraits below that and still have room to spare. Unfortunately Bethany doesn’t have or want to hang kimonos on her walls so I just left them blank. We talked about some crazy art installations but in the end decided to just leave it big and airy.

    living room

    It’s fun to hang the same pictures over and over in new locations. This time around we used Reusable Adhesive Putty to keep the photos from hanging crooked and that was AWESOME. Of course everything is still wonky because I refuse to use a ruler or do any math. Eyeballing it is more my style. Otherwise it would never get done.

    fine art collection

    heading down to the kid room

    As you can see Bethany has quite a collection of fine art from various famous artists such as cough-cough, myself and my daughter, cough-cough.

    friends hall

    What I really love are Annalie’s masterpieces. She’s really quite an artist.

    Annalie art

    How funny is this comic strip?

    Dining in the UK

    If Bethany is on your Christmas list you might keep your eye open for some black and white UK art. She seems to have a collection started that is missing something on the left. She also hates that chandelier. It came with the house. I think it looks like an upside down chocolate fountain from a big fat Greek wedding.

    hands and feet

    And lastly the bathroom. Bathrooms always have to have art. You do spend a lot of time in there after all.

    bathroom art

    I’m thinking of putting that bathroom illustration in my Etsy shop if anyone wants it.

    bathroom posing

    I think that’s about it. Bethany’s house is officially unpacked.