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Calling all Reviewers!

here hoo!

It seems the secret to book-selling success on is reviews. There is some strange and mysterious formula where if you have thirteen reviews or more then your books move up the charts. Weird, I know. It doesn’t even matter if they are bad reviews (shudder!). So I am desperate for reviews. Are any of you reviewing queens out there in the world of books? If so, please email me (jo at secret hyphen agent hyphen josephine dot com) and my publisher will hook you up with a free advance copy of my new Halloween book, “Who’s There, Little Hoo?”

rewardy hoo

Free stuff! Woo Hoo! Hoo-ey Baby! There is going to be a lot of hoo-ing and hawing around here as you may have gathered. Hooo wants to review my book? You do!!! I think it’s only for the kindle version right now but that is good because Hoo looks hootimous in kindle color! You hoo? Anybody? Any Hoo? Email me!

UPDATE: Hoo-wee! Thanks everybody. I think we’re out of review copies but your response means so much to me. If you left a comment or sent me an email, check your inboxes in the next few days. :)

P.S. If you have any of my other books and would like to review them on amazon, please do!


  • Tina

    I would LOVE to review it, for the exact reason you said in your previous post about it, its HARD to find cute books about Halloween. I have some kids who get scared easily, so I’d love to brag about a cute, sweet, funny Halloween book.

  • JennyCNo3

    I love the idea behind your book (my daughter is not too fond of super scary at Halloween either), and I’d love to give it a glowing review as well. I have your other books & my daughter & I love them! I’ll post my reviews on them too this weekend :) Best of luck!

  • Sally Hackney

    I bought the Kindle version last week. It is so cute! When I read it to my grandkids next week, I’ll post a review. I read the reviews on Amazon before I make my purchases, so they are important to me too. I shared a comment on my FB page when I bought your book too.Keep up the good work! Sally

  • Vicki Conrad

    This is great!!! I am a teacher of young children and owls adorn my classroom. I would love to review your book and share it with my little ones.

  • Sharon Clarke

    Hi Brenda, I don’t think you need me to review but would love to with grandkids. I am sure happy for your success with all your ventures. Would love to see you again sometime.

  • Island Mummy

    I would love to review and would be happy to buy it. I have a Kobo Vox (Canadian e-reader like a kindle). Will there be a version out that will work on other readers?