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    sketchbook catch-up vol. 11: sweaty


    Oh hi! Old news! Sorry!


    Apparently I can’t consult my phone calendar when I’m at the beach. This would be from the twelfth not the eleventh. I like this one even though my scanner wants to scan right through the page into the next and add lots of gray ghostiness that I cannot get out with all my usual photoshop tricks. There must be a better way. Please share if you are a scan wizard.


    Oh yeah! The day I went for a long two hour sweaty walk and almost died! I forgot about that. I only had my phone and my keys on me and it seemed like the trail stretched on for ages but I kept on going and at last I found a Starbucks! I didn’t want to go in and just ask for water (even though I know they would give it to me) without buying anything and then I double checked my starbucks iphone app and someone mysterious had loaded ten bucks onto it! They saved me! I love that starbucks app.


    More pool chronicles. Nothing new happening but lots of funny people to sketch. Also pretend you don’t see that letter “S” that was supposed to be a “T.” It’s not there! Do not believe your eyes!! What “S”? I don’t see an “S.” Sthopit.


    Hmmmm…the Era of the CAT. I should probably write a whole blog post on that one of these days. Speaking of! (I shouldn’t say anything because I will most likely jinx myself but) I have made up a back-to-school schedule for myself and it includes a blog post every other day!!! That would be crazy.

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