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the games we play

While I’m working on that really hard heart-felt post I thought I’d let Bug entertain you with her usual silliness. Do you know anybody who does this? Is your life an ap?


  • bethany actually

    Our life is not an app. Our life is a neverending Pokemon adventure. It doesn’t require much interaction from me, though, just the occasional head nod and “Uh-huh” or “Oh yeah?” or “Wow, that’s neat.” And no one gets thrown in the trash, so far as I know.

    I think you are more patient than I am. I would be telling Bug that the app was incompatible with my programming, and that her friends’ programming was more compatible with it. ;-)

  • Madge

    Bethany made me laugh. I need to learn more about Pokemon.

    I would fail at this life app. Miserably. How do you keep it all straight in your head????

  • Janna

    She is so stinking cute and you are maybe even cuter! I love how involved you are with her imagination! It’s so refreshing! I hope I can be as creative and fun of a mom as you when Clara is this age. Bug is becoming quite the little lady. I have been reading your blog for years now and cannot believe she is in kindergarten and can spell F-R-E-E! She has gotten big so, so fast.

    P.S. I pick Australian Shepherd. Bug would love ours. He has one blue eye, one brown eye and a wiggly, nubby tail. His name is Boomer. So she could have him be her Boomer Dog app. :)