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    Fairy Orbs!


    I was working on a craft for Alpha Mom and I had these plastic ornaments hanging around. They are the best invention ever. We used them for bubbles once in an under-the-sea themed baby shower. Well, now I can add one more use to their list! Fairy orbs!


    It’s really simple. All you do is open them up, place a battery-operated tea light (another item of many uses) inside and close them back up again. Hang them from a black thread and you’ve got instant non-flamable magic!


    We hung them from the trees outside.


    And some in the windows inside…


    They are so cheery and bright! Perfect night lights, really.


    Perhaps we’ll make them at Bug’s upcoming fairy-themed sixth birthday party in January. We could add some spanish moss, a mushroom or two, some fairy dust…who knows!