15 minute posts

A few orders of business.

shake-it-up fun!

I should just call this a meeting. Help yourselves to the delicate French pastries I’ve provided at our mile long conference table, while I shuffle my notes together. C’est bon!

FIRST! Please go check out the waterless snow globes that Bug and I made over at Alpha+Mom. I told you those plastic globes are handy. You should go buy a bunch of them when your local craft store blows out all their holiday merchandise.

Second! Collect all your spy sentences and email them to me. In a few days I will be announcing the prize: a poster that I still am making (just call me Last-Minute-Minnie). I also want to do a tour recap with highlights at all the best spots and maybe a link round-up from all the stealthy secret agents who posted but were not included in the official A-Z tour. So if you did that, email me so I can look all organized and such.

Third! Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for buying my books. I didn’t make it to the top of the charts but I rivaled there for a few days and most importantly I felt like a real author which was fun and cool and I think I’m going to keep doing it for a long time. xoxoxox to you guys. You make my world a lot happier.

Fourth! Bug and I made some cool winter cards a week or so ago and I never linked them. Check them out!

Fifth! I have a really big meaningful thoughtful post in my drafts folder that I’m still working on but it’s important to me so bug me if you don’t see it here before Christmas!

Sixth! Calendar fixes coming soon. Thank you everyone for your edits. You all make excellent copy editors. :)

Seventh! There is no seventh! Go forth and have a great day! I’m going to go work out. Something I should have been off doing thirty minutes ago. So you won’t mind if I skip the pastries. More for you!


  • Cathy

    Merry Christmas, Brenda and Bug! Thanks for all the joy and fun you bring through your blog all year long. That pic of Bug is the best!!! And I love the snow globe idea -thanks!

  • Ami

    Love your crafty ideas.
    At some point early in 2012 I’ll contact you RE customized chore charts for my kiddoes (tried via twitter, my reply was stunted…)
    And yes, I’m following your instructions to bug you for the big meaningful post you wanted to put up.