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    Thanksgiving 2011 in photos

    Grandma's Hands

    Just some photos from our thanksgiving this year… So much to be thankful for.

    Grandma and Bug

    Waiting for dinner…

    Bug made her own mini-pies.

    We had made pies the morning of. Bug made her own mini pies.

    checking on her pies "They're puffy!"


    Pumkin for us.

    cherry pie for Papa

    Cherry for my Dad. He loooooves cherry pie and will rave on and on about it even if you use store-bought pie crust and canned cherries.

    Dad's home!

    Everyone was so thankful he made it home for the holiday. It was a close call. The trucking industry can be brutal sometimes.

    cozy couchless living room

    My cozy couch-less living room.

    Bug reading her sight words to Auntie Keren

    Nobody seems to mind.

    watching a documentary on Russian Ballet

    It’s television-less too so we watch documentaries on Russian Ballet on Netflicks on my laptop instead. Football Schmootball.

    discussing the finer points of Russian ballet

    Both my Aunt Keren and Bug have studied ballet. They discuss the finer points.

    poor Holly has to stay outside

    Poor Holly had to stay outside. Not because we didn’t want her in but because my mom brought her hyper crazy herding dog, Spreckles, over and the hyper crazy dog needed company so she didn’t dig a thousand holes in my backyard. They dug five together instead and chewed up my red rubber boots. Stupid crazy hyper herding dogs. But you already know how I feel about Spreckles. She is NOT Holly.

    loveable ol' Holly

    We LOVE Holly. There really is nothing better than a chilled-out seven-year-old black labrador. I wish she would live forever.

    ready to sit down!

    Dinner finally ready! Everybody come sit down!

    all together via skype

    It’s so good to be together. My brother and his family even joined us via skype.