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    Dear Garden

    Hello rainy wet backyard garden. You are so pretty and overgrown.


    It’s going to be a citrus-tastic spring I see. Your branches are heavy with fruit and we still have months to go until Spring.

    garden view

    So green, so lush, so in need of some tender-loving care. If only I had the days to while away with you…

    springing into winter

    The tangelos are turning color already.


    The tomatoes are sadly draining of color. I miss them already.

    rotting tomatoes

    I might get a few more slices for breakfast here and there but they just aren’t the same as summer…Oh summer, you were so good to us this year.

    Mt. Cherry Tomato

    Someone needs to let Mt. Cherry Tomato know that summer is over. That’s a whole lotta effort for nothing.

    what is this called again?

    Oh Hello Beauty! What are you good for? I do nothing and you thrive and thrive and thrive. If only I could make jam with your berries.


    garden helper

    My little helper will miss you too. She will NOT like being an apartment kitty I think. Maybe we’ll leash train her. Ha.

    tangelo tree

    Sigh…Oh Garden, I’m going to miss you when I move. It’s hard to get excited about you now that I know that you won’t be mine forever. I hope whoever has you next loves you as much as I do.

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