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    A New Tradition is Born!

    Fondue night! When your bread falls off your fork you get a kiss! Dessert!

    Fondue Night! I’ve seen photos all over the internet about fondue and I was curious. I had visions of glam hippie models from the seventies sitting on the floor dipping skewers into cheese pots, their long silky hair dripping over their shoulders through rays of filtered sunlight shining between the boston ferns hung in chunky macramé plant hangers…all with that sepia tint of old film of course! I have such a good memory of the 70s! They are so clear! I was uh…eight. Heh. Anyway it was a romantic day dream.

    But guess what? Fondue is totally fun! Caloric but worth it. Dipping things in a communal pot? Who knew?!! It’s like a game and you have to have patience! Don’t mix up your sticks! We had a blast.

    You need to see that one funny one of my grandma closer don’t you?


    Caught! Forever on instagram! I love my Grandma. She’s so funny. She knows how to enjoy herself. Now I just hope that chocolate didn’t make her too sick to show up for Thanksgiving dinner today!