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Gobble Gobble Gurkeys!

I wanted to share this on Thanksgiving or the day before Thanksgiving but then I remembered all next week and the week after that and the week after that… is going to be taken up with book tour posts and some of you (who are not like me) like to plan crafts AHEAD of time instead on the actual day. What a strange concept. Anyway, this is a song Bug has been singing all the live-long day because they are practicing it at school for a Thanksgiving concert (it’s so adorable). So I made some turkeys for her to puppet dance with.

dancing turkey printable on my blaugue.

Here they are for you if you’d like to play along. And yes, you have to cut those little circles out. That’s what exacto knives were invented for.


  • Sonja

    I’m making myself NOT hit play on that video because I just know that the song’ll be stuck in my head for the next two weeks if I hear it. :)
    The turkey puppets are fun! I think Noah will dig them.

  • Rachel W.

    Your perfectly timed post has just bought me at least 10 minutes of needed mommy quiet time. Thank you so much!

  • Janet

    Love your little Turkey puppets ~ I’m planning to make some for the little grandkids ~ fingers will be tapping all over the house Thanksgiving day, I’m sure :D ~ Enjoyed the first book tour blog ~ good luck on your sales!

  • Ellen W

    Know you are super busy, but is there any chance of posting a black/white version? My boys would enjoy coloring the turkeys.