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First, we have a winner for The Eve Tree! Email me your address Peggy and I will send you the book. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Second, I am swamped with work. This is a really good thing but a little scary because I have deadlines looming and possibly not enough time to do my best work. I guess I’m just sharing that here so that you know what’s up if this blog goes quiet for a week or so. Though, I bet now that I’ve written that I’ll find a million and one ways to make time for blogging. I always like to make myself eat my words.

Third, if anyone wants to, you can buy my book (only $2.99!) and review it on Amazon! I will send you a copy of my alphabet cards (the nice ones that are not available in my shop right now). I just need three more reviews to hit that magical amazon number. Yes, the book is only available in electronic version for the kindle, iphone and ipad right now but it will be out in print sometimes soon I hear. I’ll keep you posted.

Updated to add: THANK YOU! I have ten reviews now and I’m out of alphabet cards for the time being.

Fourth, today is the last day to comment on my Degree post over on my review site if you want to win some mulah. Tomorrow I’ll have a new post reporting on my work-out progress that you will also be able to comment on to win $100. Spoiler: I didn’t do so hot. SAJ is all work and no working out these days which is bad bad bad. Check in tomorrow to see the sad report. New post is up!

Fifth, Aqui has not had her kittens yet but she does have an appointment with the vet on Wednesday just to get checked out. She seems to be quite happy and content in spite of her girth. I’ll keep you posted on that too.

Sixth, my nieces are not here. They are visiting their other grandparents for two weeks so that is why you haven’t had any “Girls of Summer” updates.

And that’s all I got! Now back to work!


  • Sally Hackney

    My grandson, Vince, loved your alpha book. I’ve bought tons of stuff from Amazon but rarely review. But it was so easy!

    p.s. Do you need my e-mail to send the cards or my address?

    Thanks, Sally Hackney

  • Jeanie

    Ah, I share the no time thing….well, some of that, mostly no motivation. Just found out I am very Vitamin D deficient right now….at least I have a medical excuse for my waning energy (and no, I am not pregnant, for sure). (every time a woman online says she lacks energy it seems like some other women play the pregnancy card — oh my!)

    Wow, my own rant in your comments section. Oops! Pardon me!

    Anyhow, still faithfully reading (and taking Vit. D supplements!)


  • Melissa K. in Nebraska

    FYI… You can download a free Kindle ap from Amazon for a Blackberry (which I did) or your PC (and maybe a Mac!). And it worked beautifully. You can enjoy Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s in full color. Which I don’t think you can with the Kindle.

  • BeachMama

    Yay for work!!! Sorry I didn’t review your book on Amazon, I did buy it thought!! Sounds like your summer is shaping up to be just fabulous!

  • Lady M

    Sorry to bother you when you’re so busy! If you have time to print new cards for me for BlogHer (same design) could you let me know? Thanks. :)