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    dolphin food

    Bug is a pretty imaginative child. I can’t believe I used to fret that she would not be creative because I was always making things up for her. There was a time when I thought she would NEVER learn how to play by herself. It was exhausting. Well, that is not a problem anymore. This kid comes up with the craziest games and stories for herself. I want to say I couldn’t make this stuff up but that’s not entirely true. I probably could make stuff up like this but I didn’t and it’s awesome.

    obviously a dolphin tail

    She’s a dolphin. Can’t you tell by the blue leggings and white flipper arms covered by a blue tank top? And of course the blue sock flipper tail. That’s a dead give away. Dur!

    eeeeeeeh eeeeeeeh!

    Also the “eeeeeeeeeeech! eeeeeech!” screechings should be a clue.


    She even made her own fish food.

    scary dolphin

    Poor little fishies are going to be devoured by the voracious dolphin.

    doing tricks for her fish catching a fish in her mouth

    She also does tricks for her food.

    dolphin eating

    And she’s very trainable. I just need to train her to clean up her room afterwards.