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    Apparently I have a cat now.

    fat cat

    Her name is Aqui. She’s the neighbor’s cat but she lives at my house. We don’t know why her name is Aqui but it seems to fit her because in Spanish “aqui” means “here” and she is always here. Also when you call her, “Here A-qui, Aqui, Aqui! it sounds an awful lot like “Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!” So there’s that.

    shy whiskers

    I didn’t mean to have a cat. As you know. I’m over cats but of course I have a soft spot for them and when she was always around begging for food because the neighbor was gone, I started feeding her. Then I noticed that she was getting really fat. First I thought it was worms, then I thought maybe I was feeding her too much and now I’m 99% sure that she is pregnant. Which is really sad and scary because she’s really still a kitten herself.

    Holly approves

    She gets along with Holly and she stays outside which is key because I am soooo over cat boxes. I don’t care if I never ever ever see a catbox again. I’m sure at some point in her life I’ll let her in but right now she’s content to sleep the day away on my patio. She doesn’t even want to come in and believe me, the kids have tried to coax her.

    happy tail

    She seems very happy.

    Aqui inquisitive

    I was so worried about her and her giant belly I finally asked my neighbor if I could take her to the vet and my neighbor said “Sure, she’s your cat now. She’s always over at your place anyway.”

    el gato gordo

    So there you go. I have a cat. And I love her already.