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The Niece-com-poops are here!

swinging toes

Rapunzel 13

My nieces are here! They’re here for the whole summer! I’m so happy to have them. Of course it means we are running out of food every other day and there are clothes left on the bathroom floor regularly but they are a such a lovely sight for sore eyes. We’ve really missed them.

(photo taken by Rapunzel)

I was planning on keeping Bug in preschool all summer so I could keep to my work schedule but now that they are all playing so happily every day outside all the live long day, I decided to keep her out for the summer. It’s saving me quite a bit of money which is nice.

Princess Super Chic

It’s going to be a summer to remember.

out to dinner with Uncle Toby

So far we’ve taken them into Orange County for Bug’s gymnastics/ballet class, dinner with Toby and a trip to the beach even though the sun was already down.


They had missed the beach. Sometimes I forget how lucky we are that we see it regularly. Super Chic wanted to go swimming right away of course. I think that girl is immune to cold.


They ran around crazy until it was dark.


Just like old times.


On Memorial Day my mom thought it would be nice to visit my grandma’s grave and put Grandpa’s flowers from the memorial service on her grave. He’s going to be buried there too as soon as the morgues do whatever it is that they do. I’d never been there so it was nice to see the gravestone and look at all the flags for the soldiers.


Grandma's grave

I wish Bug could have known my grandma. They were kindred spirits in their love of pink.

family take 1

We attempted a family portrait but the sun was bright and harsh.

memorial day swinging

Then the park on the way home. Even my dad got in on the swinging.

chore charts

It’s going to be one long fun memorable summer I know already. So I’m prepared with chore charts to keep things under control so I don’t go crazy. I’m thinking we might go somewhere special if they can fill these up with a lot of stars. I’m pretty sure they can. :)

everybody from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

I love my niece-com-poops.


  • Madge

    Whee! A house full of girls that keep each other busy (when they aren’t driving each other crazy). Looking forward to hearing about all your summer adventures. Maybe we can make some together! :P

  • Katie

    Cutest video ever! I keep telling my mom to send my brothers to me for this summer, I bet y’all will have so much fun!! The more the merrier!

  • Gramaw Debbie

    I miss all of you so much! It was so fun to see all the photos of you all together & the video made me smile from ear to ear! You are going to have a summer filled with making memories & having fun!! Enjoy every minute!! Love you all!!

  • Janna

    I love that your grandmother’s name was Olive. My great grandmother’s name was Olive, too. We thought about naming our little girl Olivia because of that but I am glad we went with Clara because Olivia is so popular.

    I love that your nieces are there for the summer too. You are going to have so much fun!

  • Lisa

    What a fun summer you all will have! What happened to “CC” ? I can’t access her blog anympore and I was wondering about her and the Neice-com-poops!

  • bethany actually

    Whenever Annalie goes to Bug’s links now, she always clicks on your banner first and checks to see if there are any new photos. :-) This morning she was making all kinds of comments and they were so cute I took mental notes so I could leave them here:

    – Hey, Miss Brenda has a new banner. I like it!
    – Oh, there’s Suki!…Amber looks so pretty
    – Is Bug in a big-girl carseat now?
    – Hey, they’re at the beach! That looks so fun.
    – *gasp* That’s beautiful [about the silhouetted photo of the plants and the sunset]
    – Whose grave is that? Aw, Miss Brenda’s grandma died?…Well, even if it was a long time ago it’s still sad.
    – Haha, that Grandpa Tom, he loves his girls.
    – Hey, chore charts! I love Suki’s, she looks beautiful on it.
    – Ooh, a video! [plays the video] They sure look like they’re having fun! I hope we get to visit California again soon.

  • chalica

    I know whatever is going with your marriage must be super stressful but I think it is so so awesome and amazing that y’all are able to hang out for kid outings. That is a BIG deal.

  • Kuky

    Looks like it’s going to be a fun summer! :) Nathan loved the video. He’s watching it for the second time right now.

  • BeachMama

    I love Bethany’s comment up there :)

    Your Dad rocks, swinging with the girls. How fun to have your nieces with you this summer, here’s hoping your chore charts work, let me know then I will start some for my kids ;)

  • SarahD

    I am surrounded by boys, so I especially found that giggly girlie video so much fun! I’m sure you’re the coolest auntie out there!!