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Iced Coffee in the Wading Pool Time


You know what time it is, don’t you? The sweat is rolling down your back, the kids have been traipsing dry grass bits in and out of the house faster than you can vacuum them up, bickering seems to be the favored form of communication…it’s time for a coffee break. An iced coffee break.

ready to make iced coffee mmmm...chocolate

First you need some tall glasses and some little ones for the kids. Fill them with ice. Add chocolate syrup liberally. Fill the adult glasses halfway to three-quarters of the way with cold coffee and then the rest of the way with ice-cold milk. The kids get just milk and chocolate and maybe a smidge of coffee if they beg hard enough.

poured, not stirred

Like so.

dumping the pool

Then dump out the kiddie pool and refill with warm hose water that has been baking in the sun.


Add kids…



foot soup


Bug and Super Chic

miles of legs

me and R

lanky us

I guarantee it will cure the summertime irrititus.