Family Matters,  Super Dad

Dude, we totally got a flat tire.

Dude, we totally have a flat tire.

Don’t you love Bug’s expression?

It wasn’t very exciting though because we were close to home and I called my trusty Triple T insurance guy who came right out after he smoked three cigarettes and drank a cup of coffee. I only had to wait thirty minutes.* Not bad for a tow truck guy. He didn’t even have to tow us! He pulled out the super-mini, fancy-dancy Audi car jack thingy from the trunk, jacked up the car, pulled off the lug nut caps and fixed our tire right there on the spot. Without even reading the manual!!!

Mr. Manly-Man

It was so hott. I love a man who will rescue his wife in distress.

Then we drove our car to the tire place with the dinky little spare tire. It was so cute next to the other big fat tires. I almost want to keep it. Except I can’t drive on the freeway with it and this spoiled my big plans to visit a friend in San Diego today. Blasted tire! Literally.

7Days, Day 5: "Cold Waiting Room"

This is me waiting in the tire store waiting room. (It’s my 7days photo.) The dog’s name is Beamer.

What’s funny is I was just thinking to myself, probably yesterday or the day before, that I need to learn how to change a tire. I know it’s not that hard. I was even going to ask Toby to teach me. So I guess it was providential that the tire blew out today. I watched Toby carefully and except for the part about not stripping the lug nuts and being careful with the not-very-strong allen wrench, I feel pretty confident I could do it next time.


*I could be exaggerating.


  • Madge

    Bummer Dude! I knew a dog named Beamer. His initials were BMW, so his family called him Beamer. A dog with initials! hahahaha

    I’m in a WEIRD mood today, somebody stop me.

  • a chris

    Great shot in the waiting room! It’s like art. I guess that means it is art. Gorgeous dog too!

    I keep thinking I need to learn to change a tire too. I can do it on my bike…

  • sizzle

    At least with our cameras on hand we can never be bored, even when we have a flat tire (or if we have a cute kid with us, hee hee).

  • OMSH

    I love the 7 Days photo. THAT COUCH is nothing like what I’d expect to see in any auto repair/tire waiting room.



  • BeachMama

    Ok, so my old mechanic side of me has to come out here and say that you need to let Toby show you and let you try it so that if it does happen again you can do it and do it safely. Don’t wait for another flat do it in a parking lot. Take off the tire, put on the spare, take it off and put on your good one again. Then you will be ready when the time comes. Trust me, the best lesson my Dad gave me was how to change a tire, my friends would call me at all crazy hours to come out and change a tire no matter where they were, then they would time me. 9 minutes was my best time but who’s remembering ;)

    Yay for Toby coming to the rescue, I still call my Dad because he can leave work at a drop of a hat but Hubby can’t.

  • Kuky

    I think I could change a flat tire. I am almost positive. But um…will I? No. I don’t think I will. That’s why we have emergency road service. Yup. :)