Crazy Pandemic Hobbies: Tiny Milk Carton Houses


Lately, I’m into making tiny milk carton houses. It’s a crazy hobby that I don’t see paying off anytime soon. They take forever and the waxy surface of the milk carton makes painting them nearly impossible. It’s also messy. But I am not giving up!!! I have four of them sitting beside me (on the little handy side desk that I McGivered by putting two desks together).  I tinker on them a little bit every day. I have grand plans of creating a whole village and selling it for a thousand bucks but more than likely I’ll just gift them to the family who won’t know what to do with them either.


These milk carton houses are not for work. I wish they were but they are not. I’ve used a few for work but the ones I’m working on now are not. They are really just something to keep me from going crazy.

I also have a postcard hobby which means that I save every piece of chipboard that goes through our house. Chipboard is thin cardboard from cereal boxes and cartons etc. My collection is kind of a problem. My desk looks like a recycling plant and now I’m having issues throwing anything away. My kids save everything for me too because they know I have this hobby. It’s gotten a little out of control.


I have dreams of making “an old house in Paris that was covered with vines” out of a cookie box but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. I just work a tiny bit on these houses every day. Day by day by day by day… in between other more lofty chores, of course. It’s slow going and this mess is not going anywhere any time soon. It feels like my own personal pandemic decor. Kinda like how we moved Payam’s desk into the living room and the kids have their own zoom classroom backdrops incorporated into their bedrooms…and it’s a permanent part of our life now. It’s funny the changes we’ve all had to make now that we do everything at home. I’ve always worked at home but this latest recycling craftiness has definitely turned my madness up a notch.

I hope I finish someday. Kinda like I hope I can see friends again someday…

And on the Second Day of October She Caught Up

Babyshark jack o' lantern by Brenda Ponnay for

At last the baby shark jack o’ lantern project is done! Whooooeeeee! It’s not that this project took me so long (maybe two days) it’s that I procrastinated on it for a good week or more. That’s what I do. I stress about projects for days until I finally get up the nerve to bang them out. It’s a love-hate relationship.

I’m really happy to be done with this one. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt. Mostly the spray paint…I think it was worth it but carving into painted pumpkins can get messy. I’m not saying don’t paint pumpkins, do! Especially if you aren’t going to carve them. But carving up spray-painted pumpkins can cause little flecks of paint to fall off. I had to do a lot of touch up. That’s what you get for reading a small blog like this one: the behind the scenes secrets. Real crafters have Pinterest fails all the time, we just keep going anyway.

My next projects involve costumes and photoshoots. I have so many photoshoots scheduled this month. I also planned another golden hour dance party for October 24th. Stevie Nicks-themed. I already have my costume planned and everything. I bought this floor-length lace black dress with a neckline down to there and I’m going to wear Payam’s top hat and feather my hair. I might wear a bralette to make the neckline down to there not so risqué. The location of this party is this really weird run-off drainage system in a local park. It almost looks like a skate park but it’s not. There’s a huge pipe that lets out water onto a cascading series of cement steps. The steps are all different heights and make no sense but when I found this place I immediately thought it would be excellent for a photoshoot with various pedestals for models to stand on. Let me see if I can dig up a picture of it.

Here’s a picture of Looby modeling my SAJ t-shirts that never really happened. Isn’t it a great location? Can anyone explain to me how this run-off situation works? It seems more like a stage to me than water drainage. Is there a civil engineer in the house? I can see they do NOT want skate boarders. I hope they don’t mind dancers!

The plan is to get everyone to show up in costume and bring along my portable boom box and have a fun golden party dance party for an hour. Cool, right? If you are local, you should come. Parking is kind of a pain. It’s better if you can walk in. If you know where this is, then you know. If you don’t, private message me.

That’s all for now! First of the month priorities: get a new banner done!