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In the Unpacking Zone.

cat on a box Live What You Love

The unpacking is going pretty well. I’ve been in the zone for three days now and I’m just starting to feel a tiny bit tired. Overwhelmed no, just a little creaky from working hard. I’m loving the challenge of finding a place for everything. I know I can do it and when I’m done this house is going to look sooo good!

dining room before

Even though everything is messy right now, I have a feeling that this house is going to be very photogenic when it’s done. I love the layout and the charming wood floors. The windows are nice with lots of light and offer great views of their giant backyard. I love how the back deck leans out into the branches of the nearby trees. I don’t have a great photo of that but that’s only because I have been unpacking non-stop. I don’t even like to stop to eat.

Of course we have to stop to eat every once in a while because we have little girls in our company with strong growing bodies who demand that we do so. “Feed the kid!” Bug yells at me from time to time. Don’t worry. Nobody is starving. Bethany is taking good care of us when it comes to eating. She’s making lemon bars right now as I type this! I can’t wait.

holding hands helping with the rug selection

We’ve made a couple of trips to IKEA to scout out a new couch and some rugs for Bethany’s house and then back again to pick everything up. Shopping at IKEA is pretty fun (especially when you are helping spend someone else’s money) but it does get a bit tiring when you’ve been there for an hour or three. All the choices seem to run together and you feel a bit like a mouse in a maze going crazy. But I can’t complain because I don’t have to put everything together.

Troy working hard

Troy does.

happy un-packer

We’re all happy in our zones. Me unpacking…

Bethany THE cooker lady lemon bars

Bethany cooking and baking…


Me eating…

Batman and Robin

And the girls doing whatever it is that they do.


  • linda

    Next time I moveI’ll have to fly you and Bug to Australia, you really seem to have a nack for unpacking

  • anna b bonkers

    You are soooooo coming here to help me unpack when we get to the lake. No questions!!! And Bethany, well of course somebody needs to cook and bake, ahhhhh.
    BA looks tired, I am guessing it was her sinuses?

  • BeachMama

    Wow, look at you go!! I know exactly how you feel, I too love unpacking. It’s something fresh and new a place to organize and get organized. Do you re-unpack for people who have been in their house for five years?? I could use a super fun organizer to join me in the reorganization of a few closets and bedrooms.

  • bethany actually

    Anna b bonkers – I was tired because it was 10 or 11 o’clock at night! :-) Also, the lighting wasn’t very good. No problems with allergies at the moment, thank goodness.

  • Jenny

    Looks like you’re making progress!

    I completely identify with the unpacking bug. When I moved flats recently, I had the whole place completely unpacked 12 hours after the boxes arrived. I can’t go to sleep with an unpacked box in the house…I know if I don’t deal with it while I’m still motivated by the Moving Day Buzz, it will sit there for weeks!

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!