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    sketchbook catchup


    This is what a slow news day looks like in the sketchbook.


    A story from Bug. A few days before we had filled out one of those ad-lib story things except I let her know the context of the story as we filled in the words. Now that story is forever stuck in her head and she wanted me to sketch it here. I wanted to embellish it a bit and take it the story line out of the cliché but Bug would have none of it. So cliché it is. And those angry cats…they are supposed to be tired. I need to work on my tired faces.


    Angella day! Also I made gravy, which is quite a big deal. You should celebrate.


    Some more sketching at the park. I’m still required at the swings for pushing duty but every once in a while I get to steal myself away for a nice sit on a bench. I love just sitting around at the park instead of climbing around on the equipment rescuing certain height-challenged people. Then the next day it was breakfast with the kids I babysit and some more time with Angella and Bethany and Jen in Oceanside. Oceanside is trippy. It’s not my favorite beach but it is a nice halfway point between here and San Diego and the food at Hillstreet Cafe is YUM-diddy-yum-yum! (Bug’s word.)


    Yesterday we killed some time at the mall and didn’t buy a single thing besides lunch and some gelato!


    Now you’re all caught up. The excitement! How can you stand it!! Just kidding. Blargh.