• the sticks

    Citrus in the Sticks

    whoa-oh-oh! tangelos

    We’ve been out in the sticks visiting my mom. In between rainstorms we’ve been picking lemons and tangelos by the bagfuls. It’s crazy how productive my mom’s trees are. I’m thinking I might have to take a page from JustJen and declare a lemon (and tangelo) week. I’m not much of a baker but it would be a shame for all this citrus to go to waste. If you live near me, drop me an email and maybe I can share some with you.

    lemon infested tree

    citrus pickers helping grandma

    bag o' lemons

    They will have to be used quickly because when we pick them the stems come out and take a piece of the rind with them. These sadly will go bad in a week or so. Lemon bars anyone?

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