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    Lemon Week: The End

    Lemon Week: The END

    So um. I guess this is the end of Lemon Week. I was calling it citrus week earlier because I had tangelos too but we just ate those plain or gave them away. So there’s nothing all that exciting to report on the tangelo front. I still have a freezer full of lemon juice and zest so I guess I could continue with lemon week but it’s not the same as when you have a bowl of fresh ones on your counter threatening to mold if you don’t use them up.

    As you can see I did not complete my mission successfully. When I looked at the fruit bowl this morning it was a sad sight. This week was fun though. My mom still has a tree full of lemons so maybe I’ll try it again next time I visit her.

    I cook with lemon juice all the time just to “brighten” things up but this week was extra fun because it forced me to try new recipes and you all know how I am about recipes. They are a challenge! I actually had fun though and discovered some new things I like.

    Lemon Honey Oregano Chicken

    I made this Oregano-Lemon Chicken dish which I admit I was so not excited about. I did not expect it to taste good at all. It was way too easy to make and felt like I was just dumping some chicken in a pan, dumping some lemon juice with oregano in it and calling it a day. I was actually pleasantly surprised when 45 minutes later the chicken tasted pretty good.

    It was a late night cooking so I took no photos of the completed dish. The light is horrible in my kitchen once the sun goes down. Also, it was the day before I needed to go grocery shopping so I was out of everything and just served it with boring old white rice and a side of butternut squash (TWO starches, as my mom would say disapprovingly). It wasn’t exactly photogenic.


    However! Today I chopped it up and put it in a pita sandwich with sprouts, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and some plain yogurt and it was delicious!

    sprouts, grape tomatoes, plain yogurt, lemon chicken and cucumbers!

    I say anything that tastes good the next day cold is a winner!


    Even Bug liked it!

  • Eye Spy

    tea party in the fog anyone?


    Something mysterious and strangely inviting… I woke up to fog today, which is only noteworthy because it’s been perfectly clear and warm like spring all week. Anyway, when I saw these photos it made me want to grab a tea set and head out to the beach cliffs and sage brush to take some photos! I could never pull these beauties off but how inspirational just the same! All of her photos are! Spied via That Unreliable Girl who is so reliably good at finding cool things!

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