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The highlight of my day today will be getting a new phone.

scoping out the park

So we’re back. The first thing I did, after I unloaded my car of all my luggage and gave Toby the run down on the family saga, was head off to the park with Bug. I didn’t even open my laptop, which is unheard of for me. You can usually count off the minutes before I crack open the portal to my virtual world. I guess it was just too hot and I was too tired and the park sounded good.

Amazingly Bug played with some new friends for quite a long time, giving me many minutes to just sit on the sidelines and think. Which is what I really need right now. I feel like I’ve been away from home more than I’ve been at home lately. It’s sort of a lost feeling, like I’m bouncing from drama circle to drama circle and not completely solving any problems anywhere. BUT! It’s not really as bad as it sounds. I should be thankful that I’m welcome so many places. I just need to make home base feel more like home base, if you know what I mean.

somebody is getting a new phone today

So we are home and I’m going to get some stuff done here for a change. First order of business is to get a new phone. This old razor piece o’ crap has seen it’s last day. I’ve been putting up with the half screen for a while and lately it’s taken to zapping me. I open it up to make a call and OUCH!! I get a charlie horse in my ear. I already hate talking on the phone enough as it is…this has been making it worse! Sadly, I’m not in the market for an iphone. I just can’t budget that $60-$80 monthly payment in but anything new that doesn’t zap me will totally make my day.

* * *

The news on my brother is that he is home. They made it home safe yesterday around noon and went straight to his doctor. He’s been referred to a cardiologist and is scheduled (or will be scheduled) for a stress test and an ultra-sound to look for a blood clot in his legs. He’s officially off work for a month with no pay because the company he works for is based out of Nebraska and they don’t offer sick pay/disability (or something, I’m not quite clear on those details). BUT they are eligible for food stamps. I think we’ll be getting creative as a family to make that work. Mostly I think a lot of the load will fall on my Dad so please pray for my Dad, he works hard enough as it is.


  • ThePhantomMoon

    Not sure what carrier you have but you should call to see if you’re in the market to trade in / up your phone (sorry, don’t remember the correct terminology). I have verizon and the hubby and I usually get good deals every year or two when our contract has to get renewed and get good phones pretty inexpensively.
    I’ll definitely keep you and your family in my prayers at night. You’re a very creative family which will help you out through this time. Keep your chin up!

  • Jen

    Oh boy. It makes me sick that he doesn’t get paid while he’s off work. That totally sucks.

    In happier news, I hope you love your new phone! Have fun picking one out!!

  • Ninabi

    It’s awful that your brother is having to suffer medical problems and not get paid in the meantime. I’m so sorry.

    It’s hard when your heart is in several places at once, especially when people need you. Don’t you wish you could make a clone of yourself to help out?

    I understand about the phone. I practically have the Amish version of a cell and it’s the monthly charges that keep me from ever getting anything like an iphone. Went with a bare-bones plan at the urging of my daughter, who said, If you sign up, we can talk for free since we’re in the network. Makes those 1000 miles seem a lot fewer when we can chat every day!

    But a phone that bites your ear? Ow. Enjoy your new phone.

  • haitian american family of three

    I am in the same financial bracket you are it seems. I look at those lovely i-phones and sigh-oh well. I use a simple pay as you go phone that runs around 15.00 a month…and if it breaks a new one is less than 30.00.

    Hope you feel more at home today!

  • Justyna

    My thoughts are with your brother!!!! Hope and pray for the best.
    Does CC have any stuff for sale? MAybe she can support the family while he’s out. Take the burden off for a while?

  • Kate

    Prayers for your brother & family. As if being sick isn’t stressful enough…. Hope they get some answers and that he’s back on his feet soon.

  • Gramma

    Your Dad deserves another star in his crown! We all know he is always on the giving end, and always without complaining. We continue to pray for him and SueBee and just know our Lord will see the whole family through this crisis. We just wonder what is the lesson we are to learn from this testing.

  • Janna

    Hi there! I am glad your brother is home safe!
    I would love to help out the little I can.
    Do you mind e-mailing me your address or CC’s address to send a surprise to help out a little this month?


  • BeachMama

    I usually wait until I get a free upgrade with my phone before changing it up, do you have that with your company?

    Sending more prayers for your Brother and CC and your Dad too! We just went through all the heart stuff with my Dad this past winter, after finally getting a pacemaker he is right as rain, if not better. Here’s praying for a quick diagnosis and treatment to get Shawn back on his feet.

  • Madge

    Your brother and family have been in my thoughts. I hope that the doctors are able to find the causes to his illness.

    HOME BASE. I sometimes feel like I’m home too much. Then every now and then my schedule is full of things to do away from home and I have kind of a let down feeling when I’m back home again. I have been reading a lot of magazines to inspire myself into making an even better home. Then I dream of leaving my home and making a better home, but that is a bunch of crazy making that makes me sad so I don’t do it often.

    Never mind me. A new phone! YAY! My phone is embarrassing. It might as well be a Jitterbug.

  • Kathleen

    Your brother or CC should call the state disability insurance program, if they haven’t done so already. I think that employers with California employees are mandated to participate, but there may be different rules for interstate trucking companies. The state folks could tell you. It could be that his employer was supposed to be paying into the DI program for him, and was not. (He should also check his paystubs to make sure they they have’t already been docking him for the state disability insurance — I think it would come out like FICA.)