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Paper girls know how to party!

cucumber eyes!

You may have noticed the spa girl in my header this month. That’s my nod to my birthday that is coming up next Monday. I’m not really going to a spa for my birthday but a girl can day dream, right? I’m saving the spa party for my 40th which is totally right around the corner. Yikes. I’m going to be thirty-seven, can you believe it?

Anyway, I was going to invite a few girlfriends with daughters to a local fruity-tooty nail salon for girls for my birthday but everybody up and had plans already. So I decided that I’m going to throw myself a virtual party with paper dolls! Bug’s really been into paper dolls lately so I thought it would be cool to make myself a paper doll. (Not anatomically correct, of course.) That way I could pose myself relaxing with a big fat fruity drink.

Spa Girls eat cupcakes

Would you like to join me? Cut Virtual Brenda out, make yourself a fruity drink and stick some cucumbers on your eyes. It’s fun! I apologize for the twenty minutes it will take you to cut all those curves but hey think of those twenty minutes as a little escape from your real life. Maybe tomorrow I’ll design us a trip to Spain in a Vespa!


  • Kuky

    Oh how fun! I hand drew paper dolls of us, when it was just me and Alan, years and years ago. I think I still have them somewhere. I’ll have to dig them out and then we can have a paper doll party all together. :-D

  • franticallysimple

    I think I will have a play-date with my SAJ and my Balancing Everything dolls. (google it, if you haven’t seen her)
    whispering : I think a fruity drink is more fun than a baby sling….

  • franticallysimple

    …but I have recently discovered that aside from mine (who is now eight) I don’t really like babies. Is that like saying I don’t like puppies?
    Don’t hate me.

  • gingermog

    It’s your birthday already! I knew it was sometime this month but I thought it was later, like a round the 21st. I would, love, love to attend your paperdoll party :) Have a great 4th of July celebration xxxx

  • margalit

    My 57th b’day is week from Sat (the 11th) and I will cut out your paper doll and put it on the fridge as a reminder for SOME PEOPLE that live in my house to remember my b’day. Otherwise, not a chance!

  • Andrea

    You totally need to have a birthday celebration on top of the paper doll parties. I think your own spa visit shouldn’t have to wait till the 4-0!

  • Jennifer

    If you come over to my house on Monday I’m sure the girls can find some mud to throw on you :P Your spa day plan sounds like fun, sorry it didn’t pan out. If you head out my way I’ll bake you a cake and sing happy birthday to you. Actually, I’ll fake sing while the kids drown me out. I always cheat like that because I hate my voice.

  • susana

    Love your girl-spa on your header, and most of all the detail to put some little hands of Bug full of mud jejeje Love this header so much, and btw let me congratulate you allready, and tell that my birthday was last thursday jeje same month same lovely crazyness :) happy fourth of july!

  • Katie

    wait.. what? you are going to be 37? I would have NEVER guessed your age at that. Maybe 30.. maybe.

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good day even if it won’t be at a spa!

  • BeachMama

    I love your new header!! And just in case I miss your birthday because I am one of those tourists that head to the beach while on vacation and well, I am on vacation… happy 37th!! You are younger than me so don’t be crying about 40 yet, please I say go to the spa anyway, I do , every single birthday. Some years it’s just a manicure, others it’s more, just do it.

  • gingermog

    Being on UK time may I be the first to sneak in a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite, ever Blogger. I’m going to get happy with my scissors a bit later on today :)

  • Nicciwill

    This is so fun!! Thank you for letting us share in the day with you! Hope you have the happiest birthday ever!