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    7 Days: Day 1 – Just another day in the life…

    7days Summer Day 1

    Seven days is starting up again and since nobody complained about seeing my ugly mug (and feet and backside) for a week last time, I figured I could post my self-portraits here again. But don’t worry, I’ll try to throw in a few cuties of Bug too. So here I am playing the piano at the kids’ house I babysit. They just bought this house and it is amazing. We spent the whole day outside in the pool.


    Which was so very fun until I decided to take my waterproof camera in the pool for some underwater photography. I got some good shots but then my camera leaked and my poor poor dumb waterproof camera died. I’m hoping if it dries out enough it will magically come back, you know like some cellphones do when you accidentally drop them in the toilet. Not that I know anything about that.

    Before you agree with me about how dumb my waterproof camera is, I should probably share that a while back I accidentally dropped this camera and busted it on two corners where the battery and memory cards are inserted. So maybe immersing this camera in pool water wasn’t the best idea. I thought the seals were still water-tight but apparently they were not. Woe is me.

    I’m hoping that whopping expensive warranty I paid for when I bought it will count for something. I don’t know if it covers user idiocy error though.

    N and A

    But hey aren’t these underwater photos cool?


    I had a lot of fun swimming and splashing around today. I would say we had a lot of fun swimming but Bug refused to go in the water. I don’t know what’s up with her. She loves swimming (or splashing around on the steps and scaring the crap out of me by pretending to swim) but today she was suddenly overcome with fear. We cajoled her with water wings and promises of super fun floaty boat rides around the pool and she would have nothing of it. I’m thinking we need to go to the pool more often and get over that fear.

    neon summer

    Do you like my neon toes? They don’t really look that bright in this photo but they are. They practically glow in the dark. I can walk down dark paths lead only by the glow from my feet almost. This is what I bought myself for my birthday. Toby gave me $100 bucks to go buy a new outfit for my birthday but a fool and her money are soon parted and I somehow blew $28 at the nail salon instead. Now that I’ve been walking around in this crazy 80’s flashback color for a few days I’m thinking I would have liked a blouse (or at least half of one) better.