• Bug

    Guess who’s taking ballet?

    Princess Twirly

    I was one of those kids who never got to take ballet or gymnastics or play on a soccer team when I was little and I’ve lived my whole life bitter about it. Well, not really terribly bitter but it is true that I always always always wished I could have. At a young age I vowed to myself that when I had a little girl someday, she would have the chance to be a ballerina if she wanted to.

    doing her own thing

    I have fulfilled my vow. Bug is taking ballet lessons at the young age of three and a half. I stayed and watched her for her first class and let me tell you it was a barrel of laughs. I thought Bug was terrible at listening and following directions…well, her peers are just as bad. That teacher had a parade of clowns flouncing after her. I know nothing about ballet but I think they made some progress. They learned first position and how to stand on a glittery paper star on the floor. It took forty-five minutes. I can’t wait to see what they learn next week.