Bug,  I'm an idiot,  Slow News Day

“Nuthin’ Nuthin’ Absolutely Nuthing!”


I’m tempted to just post this picture and say I got nuthin’ but that wouldn’t be entirely true. I think I rarely ever have nothing to talk about. I’m just a very chatty person by nature. But right now I have two things in my head that are taking up a lot of my thinking time. And unfortunately they are private things I can’t blog about (don’t worry, nothing bad) so while I have a lot of stuff to talk about, I can’t. And because I’m spending all my time thinking about those things I’m not remembering to write down the cute things Bug does and then I forget them! Don’t you hate that? I always think, I don’t need to write that down. How could I possibly forget something as cute as that?!! But then I do forget. Doh.


  • Ninotchka

    OK, I’ll be the first to take the bait. Is there a Bug#2 in the oven? heh heh heh You know that’s what us internet hens all think when someone writes they can’t write about something. ;)

    SAJ says: Nope. I wish. Though, I don’t know what I’m going to say when I actually am pregnant and am trying to keep a secret.

  • Kristi of Million Dream Mom

    I have forgotten SO MANY cute things that I swore I never would forget…sometimes I forget them on the way to going to document them! Usually that takes a goodly amount of distraction on the way, but not always. My memory sometimes seems made of swiss cheese, cheese that gets holey-er the older I get!

    Thank god for blogging, eh? :)

  • Gramma

    Because I forget so easily, I carry a notebook around in my purse. It’s a very convenient size about 5″ x 7″ and readily available at the supermarket , so when I have an interesting thought I write it down. Soon other memories attach themselves to that page. When I’m about to write some of my “memoirs” I’m all ready to go. It is miraculous how just the writing down of the thought does trigger other related happenings. Try it, you’ll see. It works every time. It even suggests other subjects.

  • Kuky

    I frequently forget cute things Isabelle does. I try to write them down in stickies, not real stickies but the mac stickies so then I can draw them later.

  • gingermog

    Hello, just dropping by to say I hope your feeling ok. Sometimes I think life is a bit like a rip-tide always dragging you along, so much to do that must get done and then sometimes it stops fora moment and you can see the sunlight slanting though the trees. Or something like that. Hmm too early in the morning for me to get poetic. I’ve been on house arrest writing college syllabuses for 3 days straight. I hate tech speak. Today I think I should poke my nose out of doors as it’s stopped raining and the sun is out. I hope you have a great day. Hugs.

  • Andrea

    We write interesting things that the kids say and do on the calendar so when it is time to write the annual (irreverent) family newsletter, my husband has lots of material. Now that our girls are older (13 and 11), sometimes they help and write things down, too.

  • Jeanie

    Brenda, it’s good that you have some private things you keep to yourself. You are very fun to read about and we enjoy what you put here but we understand the boundaries you need to keep for whatever the reasons.

    I pray you are still enjoying the Lutheran church you have been attending. I do think of you and Bug attending there (once in a while I think that) and say a prayer that you continue to feel part of their church family.


  • ame i.

    I should not admit that I often forget why I get up from the sofa or the important mission I was on when I make the long walk upstairs, so I won’t admit either. :)