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Getting ready for a Bento Box Birthday Bash

Rapunzel's bday Logo

It’s the day before Rapunzel’s eleventh birthday party and I’m sitting here un-showered in my pajamas (at 10-something in the morning) designing a bento box cover. Why? Because I want to! Because it’s fun and chasing after my kid who’s out in my mom’s backyard in her underpants and NO SHOES is not fun. Did I mention that my mom’s backyard is full of hidden sharp things and bull thorns?

Sigh. What is it with kids and not keeping their shoes on? Or clothes for that matter? Why did I sign up for this motherhood thing again? It’s so hard to concentrate on designing something cool when you have to be constantly interrupted with all this mothering I need to do. Sheesh! Just kidding! If it wasn’t for these kids running all over the place I wouldn’t have any reason to design cool stuff.

But anyway, it’s totally the last minute and we (my mom, CC, Bethany and I) are really getting excited about Rapunzel’s Asian-themed birthday party. Last minute is so crazy and yet so fun! Don’t you wish you could be in my family? Dishes smishes. We have a party to plan for!

The party is a mish mash of everything we like that is Asian all smashed together in ways that will probably offend anyone who is really Asian. And for that I apologize but Rapunzel’s eleven and it’s fun so you’ll have to just look the other way. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go hit play so Bug can watch “Little Mermaid” for the fifty-seventh time and I can go take a shower or print something or other.

Stay tuned for more craziness!


  • Sarah

    It’s strange what this blogging world does to your mind, but all I can think is “I bet I know what Annalie will be wearing!”

  • Crystal

    I could have swore that said “Getting Ready for a Botox Birthday Bash” which probably had me much more amused than it should have.

  • dori

    I love love love this idea.

    I’m glad you addressed the issue about possibly offending people. I proposed an Asian theme for a conference I was working on, and it was rejected for that reason. It would have been so fun…I was disappointed.

    I love your design so far, and can’t wait to see the rest—I know it will be way better than anything I would have come up with for a boring grown-up conference. : )

  • bethany actually

    Aw man…I should have sucked it up and asked you to design an illo of SOME kind for Annalie’s birthday. I love that label! Wait, weren’t you like, going crazy with busy-ness or something, is that why I didn’t ask you? I don’t even remember.

  • Kuky

    “offend anyone who is really Asian” Ha ha ha ha!! That cracks me up. I hope you do share, I want to see and have a good laugh.

  • Heidi

    I can’t wait to see what you do. My daughter takes Chinese lessons and wants to have a ‘Chinese’ birthday party (we are not Chinese!). I’m creatively challenged sometimes so I’m counting on you for fabulous ideas. ;)

  • mallory

    Love! Love! Love! your ideas. And you make me miss CA (I grew up there). If you are ever inspired to share some ideas for a toddler boy’s party, I’d LOVE! that too. (I don’t have any girls to steal your flower-inspired themes for).

  • gingermog

    Love the logo. From the photo’s you post, I have often thought Rapunzel looks very Manga like. I mean that I could turn her into a Manga character.