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    I need kid advice.


    Okay, I have two things I need advice on. Baby Bug is the sweetest smartest girl ever and I ADORE her but she has two traits that are driving me absolutely crazy. I know I could probably find some helpful information about this behavior in a book but I don’t have time to look for books! So I thought I’d just ask you guys. You all seem to be so smart when it comes to kids.

    The first thing is she talks a lot. A LOT. Like all the time. She sings and talks and makes noises. She pretty much fills every second that she is awake with some sort of vocal sound. It’s really nice and fun and most of the time I love her chatter but once in a while I just want to hear myself think. Sometimes I even snap at her because she is driving me insane and then I hate myself for not having patience. Then after I’ve snapped she will repeatedly ask me things over and over to see if I’m still frustrated. Which I always am. Sort of a Are you mad, mommy? Are you still mad? How about now? commentary which makes me lose my mind.

    Is this normal? I know it is lovely that she is such a talkative child and I know I will miss it someday when she wants nothing to do with me but is there some sort of trick I can teach her to give me some pause once in a while? I’ve tried sitting down and explaining that Mommy needs some quiet in between sentences sometimes so that she can think up really good answers to her questions but she doesn’t seem to understand.

    the dawdler

    The other thing is that she won’t be hurried. Wherever we go, she dawdles behind. Always. She seems to be in her own little world and no matter how much I call to her to hurry up, she will not keep up. In the store, on walks, when we are out with friends…this is always our problem. I find myself losing my patience all the time with her. Most of the time I just pick her up and carry her to where I want her to go because she just won’t go. Trying to get Bug from point A to point B is like pushing water up a hill. Other children run ahead but that is NEVER her. Why is she like this? It doesn’t seem to be a power play. She genuinely seems to be completely absorbed in whatever is at hand and not interested at all in whatever is ahead. Oh look a rock! A flower! A pebble! Is this something that will pass? Do I just need to slow down and manage my expectations better?

    But other than those two things, that make my days extreeeeeeeeemly CHALLENGING, she is perfect.

    Any ideas?