• Beach Bits,  Bug,  Slow News Day

    photos from Bug’s point of view

    Mom's legs

    Bug and I hit the beach for our favorite breakfast: a doughnut for her, a latte for me. I let her play with my water-proof-sand-proof-idiot-proof camera and she shot these. Not bad, I say. Not bad. I kind of like myself from her perspective.

    Mommy with coffee

    Here I am in my pajama shirt and bed-head hair. Whatever works, right? At least I’m awake and at the beach instead of with my head in a box (I keep my laptop in a box) and her watching cartoons for hours on end.


    This is me being patient. Patient patient patient. I didn’t know she took this picture but I’m really glad she did because I have no idea what I look like while I’m being patient. I have to do it a lot because she is always that far away from me and I’m always wishing she’d hurry up and catch up with me. This is our life.

    Number 4

    It’s not so terrible. I needed to work on my patience anyway.