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    Summer is NOT over in the sticks

    get mommy wet!

    I didn’t pack my swimsuit or Baby Bug’s swimsuit when I headed out to the sticks this weekend. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was foggy at the beach when I left and I was in the mood for fall I guess. I even packed long-pants pajamas because my mom often runs her air conditioner so cold that I get a little chilled at night.

    My mom called me on my cell phone while I was driving out to the sticks to tell me that the swamp cooler at my Grandpa’s (her new house) was broken but I never got the call. I showed up ready to work and was welcomed with 104-degree heat—in the house. Good times! So we’ve been sweating away and pretty much going crazy.

    splashy splash!

    After meeting (church) today I decided it was time for desperate measures. I headed over to the nearest drug store and bought a kiddie pool, a swimsuit for Baby Bug and some squirt bottles for each kid. I didn’t buy myself a swimsuit because the selection was poor. I’m not really into mongo-padded bras and giant palm-frond patterns yet. Thankfully, we can always use extra swimsuits for Baby Bug and everything was 75% off. Three cheers for summer blow-out sales!


    Summer may be over in the rest of the world but it is not over here. It is soooo hot! I finally had enough and put on one of my mom’s super-big tank tops and plopped down with the kids in the kiddie pool. It was awesome. There really is nothing like immersing yourself in a bunch of water on a hot dry day in the desert.

    toes to toes


    I think we’ll make the most of it and pray that the swamp cooler gets fixed soon!