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Something Sassy from the Sticks


There was a flurry of activity out in the sticks this morning and yesterday. My sister-in-law, CC, made an apron! She needed to re-stock her etsy shop and decided an apron was just the thing. Finding retro fabric in my mom’s over-flowing cabinet of fabric is always fun. (Though this particular combo did not come from my mom’s closet.)

I was supposed to make one too. I picked out fabric and everything but somewhere along the way my wind blew out of my sails. I’m just not really a sewing girl. I can be at times but I had my mind on illustrations. It’s so much easier for me to sit down at my laptop and make things with my mouse than it is to spend three or four hours playing tug rope with fabric. Seriously, that’s what sewing feels like to me sometimes.


But enough about me! Check out CC’s apron? Is it cute or what?!! If I didn’t ruin every apron I own, I would buy it myself. It makes me want to bake lemon scones and drink iced tea in a tall frosty glass. She named it June which makes me think she should make one for every month. How perfect would that be? A new apron every month? I think I might just take up baking if I got a gift like that.



We had fun photographing it out in the yard this morning. CC is a great model, turning her head whichever way I tell her to. I love it when models cooperate with me.

Meet June

So if it’s not snatched up already, you can go buy this apron yourself and model it around in your front yard. If you buy it, call me. Let’s do tea. I’ll bring my camera.


  • cc

    You’re very good at making me look a lot thinner. And that top photo makes me want to grab a bottle of lotion.


    Awesome idea! Beautiful design and fabric.

    CC- can you make one for little girls? Like an art smock/ apron kind? I just bought your purple and blu hats:) Got them and love them. I’d love to buy a little art smock / apron for my 2 year old toddler girl, Kikki.

  • Gingermog

    Lol I know how you feel about prefering to draw than sew, I felt the same way when my mother tried to teach me to knit. I just felt it was a waste of time taking ages to tediously pearl, plain, pearl stitching away for hours to make a lumpy scarf when I could had whole make believe worlds at my fingertips with my paper and pens.

    I’m learning to use a sewing machine now after years of being afraid of their loud whirring and complicated threading mechanism. I can weld metal together though so I’m not a complete wuss :)

  • Michelle

    OMG – That apron is soooooo cute! That is a great idea to do one every month! Perfect! My girls would love having aprons too! CC sure is talented! SAJ – I love the pic of CC sewing at the beg. of the post….you can see the bobbin in motion! Too cool all the way around! CC, would you consider making a full length apron that ties at the nape of the neck?

    Michelle :o)

  • bethany actually

    My first thought about June was, “Like June Cleaver! Perfect!” So I think CC should make more and name each one after a TV mom! Just think, Lucy (I Love Lucy), Carol (Brady), Morticia (Addams), Marion (Happy Days), Claire (Cosby Show), Marge (Simpson), Peg (Married With Children)…uh, I think I’ve watched too much TV. :-)

  • Dori

    Go CC! That’s adorable. I love both SAJ’s idea for one for every month, and Bethany Actually’s idea. Very cute pics too.

  • Dori

    I forgot to say, I feel the same way about sewing SAJ. I like the idea of it a lot better than actually doing it. Maybe that’s because I’m not very good at it. But this kind of thing makes me want to.

  • jenB

    i bought it, i will wear it and i will take a photo when i get it! you ladies and your talents!!! Tell CC to make more! i would love a full pinafore styled one as well.

  • d-ann

    I love it. I will have to make one myself. When I slow down.. I love making things. Hate reading the patterns and cutting them out :) you do that i’ll do the sewing!

  • OMSH

    It is adorable – as is CC in that shot!

    I am going to make me one soon – a full one though … I’m forever splattering things on my SHIRT.

  • Michelle

    Bethany – That is an excellent idea to name it after TV moms! You are really creative!

  • Susan

    How cute is that apron! My grandmother makes aprons similar to this all the time except instead of just a pocket she adds a tea towel on one side of it. I love it!

  • Roz

    very very cute!

    When you said it was called June, i thought it was because of June Cleaver. Very retro chic!