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Goodbye Charcoal


I didn’t expect to be so happy to return the kitten to my mom’s house…but then I didn’t really expect Charcoal to be ALL CLAWS AND TEETH all the time either! That little ankle-biter has worn out his welcome in our house. If I wasn’t breaking up fights between him and Baby Bug all the time then I was typing with my feet up around my ears just to keep my concentration from being broken by Count Charcoalula sinking his fangs into my toes.

In honor of our fond farewell, I have made a movie to remember him by.

Goodbye Charcoal from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

Goodbye Charcoal. I hope you find a happy home with a family made of tin.


  • Grenda

    OK…I feel your pain with the claws and teeth, but what a cute little guy. That picture of him on the couch is the best!!!

  • sizzle

    Hopefully he will find a home who can put up with his silly shenanigans and maybe turn into a cat that isn’t a little shit. :)

  • Nicole

    Hilarious! We have two kittens we are trying to find homes for. Want one? I promise they are much more subdued than Charcoal!

  • Rhi

    Yikes, he looks like a handful. I adopted my kitty when she was 11 months old, so thankfully, she was out of most of that. Every SO often I catch her batting at a picture on the wall or chasing her tail. And, then she passes out from exhaustion :)

    I love how BB hides under her blanky…

  • bluejaye

    I am so glad I made a magic blankie…perfect for hiding from evil, yes, I said EVIL Charcoal.
    Our cat is 13 pounds and 6 years old and can still bite at inopportune times.
    Great movie.

  • Deidre

    aww, he is obviously quite a handful!

    the last kitten I had (she’s all grown up now…) used to climb up my legs with her claws regardless if i was wearing pants or not.

    Then when i’d inevitable scream and thrash wildly, she’d be all ‘i just wanted to cuddle? what’s your problem’

  • Gingermog

    Cool movie, Charcoal reminds me of Willow at the same age who was all teeth and claws. She calmed down though and is now a matronly, puddy cat, well most of the time until she get’s that psychotic look in her eyes and runs in circles around the house at 11 at night mewing like a banashee. What is that about?

    I am sorry to hear about your trouble with the Chinese company wanting the name Secret Agent Josephine. Has anyone approached you with a solution yet? I’m thinking someone out of your many visitors must be a lawyer or a trademark lawyer. I used to know a good one but sadly she passed away.

    How much of a big deal is it if you and the other company trade under the same name? I mean are they manufacturing SAJ dolls or something to sell in America? A few years ago I worked on a series called The Blue Dragon, unknown to us when we checked out the internet some months into production Blue Dragon was a company who sold Chinese food sauces and a international bride agency! But nobody got back to us about the name.

  • Kuky

    Charcoal is so very cute and kitteny but I could ABSOLUTELY see how you’d be happy to get rid of him. I once slept over at a friend’s house and she had a cat or a kitten. I can’t remember how old it was. But I do remember all night long he kept jumping on my head when I was trying to sleep. I ended up sleeping with a blanket over my head just like baby bug. And the crazy cat still kept jumping on my head. It was the worst night’s sleep I ever had.

    And so awful to hear about the trademark thing. I actually said, “WHAT?!?!” super super loud. I did a search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office and didn’t see anything taken yet.

  • Melissa

    Oh…that kitten is just too cute (and ornery)…and your daughter is just plain too cute. I am sure they made a very charming duo at times and brought many laughs. I am super pleased that Baby Bug seemed to like the rambunctious kitty and that it didn’t seem to bring many tears and fights. Hopefully some day she can find a slightly calmer kitten to play and cuddle with. I cannot imagine how many scratches and nips the two of you must be recovering from.

  • BeachMama

    That was the best ‘Good-bye” video ever. Your talent runs deep. Charcoal looks and acts just like the cat we had for a few weeks 11 years ago. Only I was breaking up fights between him and the Dog!


    Brenda – I don’t think I could keep one like that either, and most kittens are like that. Luckily mine are older cats and declawed.

    One thing to consider if you haven’t already – BB will probably miss him a lot and ask for him!

  • Cami

    What a great video, you’ve made my morning and started my day with a good laugh! Too cute and perfect music to go with it!

  • OMSH

    Of course ALL kittens are all claws and teeth at that age, aren’t they? Give it two months and Charcoal’s personality will chill out considerably.

    In the meantime, send’em to your momma’s! ha!

    Off to watch the video!

  • Jamie

    The video was too funny. I think I would probably be glad to get rid of the cat too. I really liked when BB hid herself with the blanket.

    LOVE the new banner.

  • Jen

    ~Bye Charcoal – that video brings back memories of my cat when he was a kitten would claw my arms if I didnt’ give him popcorn immediately after popping it. *LOL*

    *Love* your June blog banner.

  • Love and Laughter,Amy

    That is 5 pounds of feist in a 1 pound cat! Though admittedly I would have trouble not attacking your ankles what with those dangly strings swinging around them all the time. Just begs for jumping at really ;-)

  • Uncle George

    “Count Charcoal-ula.” Hehehehehehehe! Too funny. Little rodent, good riddance is right. Now you know why I prefer FISH! Hemet will do that kitten well.

    BB looks great, and so do you!


  • MCN

    OMG! That was hilarious! I think you are all saints for putting up w/ him! If he were in my apt…there may have been an “accident” to help send him on his way!