“Going to get a new baby”

"going to the hospital to get a new baby"

I just have to post about this photo really quick before I move onto the next post. As I shared on Flickr, this photo cracks me up because:

    2. Pants are optional after 3pm (post-naptime).
    3. She was very determined to walk to the hospital (that is not within walking distance) to get a “new baby.” It’s not that we’ve been talking about having a new baby (though we do plan to and are just not pregnant yet), I think she just remembers every single TV show she ever watches and then acts it out. Apparently Franklin or somebody got a new baby sister and now she is determined to get one too. I guess that was what the backpack was for. You know, to carry the baby in.


  • Jummy

    She is definitely on a mission! For some reason she looks older in profile.

    (It’s great to learn that BB will have some else’s ears to talk off in the future!)

  • Annika

    Aww! Love that. Sammy is just starting to get over his ‘screaming whenever a baby comes within six feet of Mommy’ phase. I can’t wait till he actually wants one.

  • Jamie

    1) That photo and story is too cute! My little one has started saying she wants a baby brother, which probably means daddy has been whispering in her ear and giving her ideas.
    2) I love the backpack, where’d you find it? I have been trying to find some cute backpacks and for some reason I can’t seem to find any.
    3) And how sad is it that I know that shirt came from Target, even more sad is that we go there so often that everytime we get in the car she asks, “We goin’ to Target?!”

  • Sarah

    Don’t stand in her way-just give her the baby already! OR else she will have to go get that baby on her own and with that determined stride she looks like she just might get it.

  • Melissa

    I love that you followed her whim to walk to the hospital and get a new baby. Man, god knows if I could walk to the hospital and get a new baby I’d be marching too! I love that you watch Franklin…my 14 year old loved Franklin at that age and my brother, who is 21, used to watch it when it started…Franklin makes us happy. Here’s to a littler bug in the future!

  • BeachMama

    I love that, a little girl with a mission. If only it were as easy as walking to the hospital to get a baby. I would have a house full! Here’s to another Bug in your future.