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my box rocks

my box rocks

I got a new office box today and I think it is post-worthy. I had to give my old one to the kitten. My office box rocks. It really does. I just love it. I could write a poem to my box. Maybe I will.

I love my box
my box is tops
in all the world my box rocks
my socks…or something something something…

Okay that’s enough. I was channeling this book but you probably haven’t read that book so the cadence is lost on you. Not a big deal. What is a big deal is my box.

Why is it so wonderful? A lot of reasons. Mostly because it is allowing me to be soooo productive. I love working in my box. When I stick my head in there, it’s like I become Robo-Designer. I work work work and hardly ever goof off. I’m still swamped and there is no hope in sight that I will ever catch up but I feel just the tiniest bit of control over my freelance work load. And believe me, that is a good thing.

It might just be the natural rhythm of things. Maybe it’s normal for me to go through cycles of frustration and then after the lows, feel exceptionally happy and productive. Maybe I just have to learn how to roll with a toddler’s schedule that changes every three months or so. Maybe I’m just not pms-ing for a change. Or maybe it really is the box. I’m just happy right now. I have a routine. I get about two hours of box time a day and that makes me happy.

I also have started a public list. I’m not going to link it here because even though I write in secret code, I don’t know if all my clients want the whole wide internet to know what I’m doing for them. But I’ll just say that if you poke around on this page, you’ll find it. It’s nothing really. Just a short quick list of what I’m working on in May and then June and then July. But this list has changed my life.

It’s silly really. I’ve always had lists. I have paper lists and electronic lists and two calendars to keep track of my life. Why does this public list on the internet work so much better for me than all of those others? I think because it is always there. It never gets lost or forgotten to be turned on (like that other list program I have on my computer) and it’s public. I know you guys are looking at it and it forces me to stay in gear. It holds me accountable. I love it.

So between my office box and my new public list, I am 100% more productive. It’s the best feeling in the world. It also could help that Baby Bug has been taking three hour naps lately. She must be growing. That said, I better appreciate this productiveness while it lasts because nap changes, pms and other naturally-occurring catastrophes are always around the corner.

In the meantime, I’ll just sing my happy box song.

“I love my box! My box is tops. In all the world, my box rocks.”

p.s. It has been brought to my attention that the word “box” is sometimes used to refer to something else. That was not my intention at all. Please get your mind out of the gutter, Bethany.


  • Annabanana

    Ha ha Bethany, I thought the gutter thing too, but only for a nano second.

    We love the nest book here. I don’t know why but it is a frequently requested read, must be the sing songy rhyming.
    Your box does look like a happy place, maybe I should try painting in a box! Maybe I should also try a list online, mine are forever getting lost, or I turn the page in whatever note book I wrote it in or the napkin gets used as, gasp, a napkin!

    On another way off topic note…Your cards are nearly as big a hit as my paintings when they get dished out, thanks B! ( I posted a pic of them tonight, I am looooving them!)

  • Kuky

    Hee hee, when you talk about your box I always get this image in my head: of body technology interfaces. Have you seen it? The person with the laptop on their lap and the sweater thing over their head and the laptop. Yes. For some reason that’s what I think of.

    And what is that on your computer? It’s so cute.

  • Gingermog

    Lol I love the idea that you work in a box, and love even more the fact you are fun enough to love it too. This is box office 2.0.

    I work at a handmade wooden desk whose legs the cat uses as a well worn scratch post – ignoring the nice one we bought from the pet shop. Above me precariously overloaded are some hand hand wooded shelves which lean at a 35 degree angle. At one end is a tied shoe lace, which is secured to the wall by a hook to try and stop a sudden avalanche. I wonder what your other readers work at?

  • Lisa {milkshake}

    An online list is a wonderful idea. I find I can make my own lists (there are lots of them), but if no one sees them, I don’t have to follow through.

    I also wondered if you knew the other meaning of “box”. Hehe.

  • heide

    I was totally thinking dirty thoughts! Very funny. I used to babysit a little boy years ago, and when he was first talking (and first idenifying all of his, um, body parts) I was giving him a bath one night and he said to me very sincerely and very enthusiastically, “Heide, I love my balls!”

  • Jummy

    I struggle with getting things done…maybe I should give this public list thing a try!

    (It’s great to see where we can expect to see some wonderful SAJ goodness crop up next!)

  • RubiaLala

    I’m glad you mentioned something about the dirty box because I read the post title and I was like NOW THIS is a post I can get on board with! Oh, it’s just an actual box. Okay, time to calm down you perv. Oh wait! Haha, someone else has the mind of a teenage boy too!

  • Kandace

    I WANT ONE!!!

    Sounds so productive. I wish a box would be the answer to all my problems. But really you were totally thinking outside the box when you found the box. I crack myself up!

  • Chris

    Found the list and found me on the list. SOOOOO excited!

    I did not think anything of your box reference until I saw your note at the bottom of your post. Now? I can’t shake it from my mind. I’m going to call and sing your song to Kim (who WILL get it immediately).

  • The Speckledpup

    okay, so I’m really a 40 year old woman hiding her inner 12 year old.
    But when I read the title of your post, I started giggling.

    I’m sorry.
    Truly, I’m remorseful.

  • BeachMama

    I love your new box. And no gutter here, I guess we think alike. I also love your online list thing. I use paper myself and so far, not so bad, but I bet putting it online would make me that much more productive.

    And that book, I don’t know that one in particular but it is also very similar to “One Fish, Two Fish”.

  • andrea

    Glad I wasn’t the only one with a mind in the gutter.

    I may have to invest in a box for the summer months so I can use the laptop outside, or I could just put it away for a few hours each day and give my undivided attention to my child. Chances are the box is going to win out.