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Aloha from Kona!

Day 7: is this the best I can do?

The only place I can pick up wifi is here on our hotel balcony. What can I say? Life is rough in paradise. Ha ha. I can’t see my screen very well but the view is fantastic.

All I can see (and hear) is the dark turquoise ocean rushing up against the lava rock four floors below me. Now and then a big wave hits the rocks and white froth sprays into view. The mynah birds are thick and they click and caw out to each other from the balcony to balcony. I feel like I am on a ride at Disneyland except it smells nicer (no chlorine) and I’m not walking on black asphalt with gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

the view from the pool

It’s beautiful. Waving palm trees and funky 70’s architecture poke into the view from the sides. The temperature is pretty much smack dab at perfect and it’s not even that humid. Baby Bug and Toby are napping. I don’t think I’ve ever blogged from a more perfect location. If I could see my screen a little better I think I could set up office here.

hawaii five-oh

I think what I love the most so far are these palm trees. They are so different from the tall towering ones we have at home. When it’s sunset no matter where you point your camera, you feel like you’re taking a photo of something right off an old O.P. t-shirt. They really do make you feel like you’ve arrived in the tropics.

It’s actually a bit overcast here and Toby tells me that the water and views are a hundred times more impressive when it’s clear and bright but I’m not going to complain. It’s a pretty place to be stuck.

embracing her hulahood

Baby Bug is eating up the hula culture. She loves pretending that she is a hula girl and I am the hula girl’s mommy. She’ll say, “Do you want a cookie Hula Girl Mommy?” waiting for me to answer, “No, that’s okay Baby Hula Girl” or anything along those lines. As long as I include the words Hula Girl in front of my name or hers she keeps smiling. I think I could probably get her to eat liver if I convinced her that that is what Hula Girls eat. She’s so funny.

hula girl and her daddy

She is also enjoying the attention of having two parents. It’s thrown me for a bit of a loop. I love having Toby back but getting our schedules to mesh (he the night owl and me the lover of dawn) and a three hour time difference has pretty much taken all the routines I’ve gotten used to in the last two weeks and flushed them. But I shouldn’t care. We’re in paradise! Who cares if breakfast is for lunch and dinner is at midnight… as long as we have fun right?

sunset sunset and more sunset

And with that, I’ll close and say Aloha and Mahalo like everyone else around here!

p.s. More photos here!