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    Visiting Dad at the Truck Terminal and CC’s Birthday

    truck yard

    my dad shows me the dinner he cooked yesterday entirely in his truck

    As you probably know, my Dad is a trucker (who cooks himself a full meal IN HIS TRUCK—notice above photo). He used to work in the terminal as teacher but now he’s back on the road again. The other night he was in the Fontana terminal killing some time before he headed off to Calgary, Canada. We decided to meet him there and take him out to dinner. It was CC’s birthday after all so we were due for a family dinner anyway.

    cc fakes a wish

    Like any good working class family, we went to Olive Garden where I contracted dysentery and I will never eat there again. Actually, I’m sure it was just the 24-hour flu that is going around. But none-the-less, I will never eat there again.

    More truck terminal photos here.