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    Frozen Greetings from the New North Pole

    north pole

    I have quite literally moved my North Pole Shipping and Receiving Department to the North Pole. Or at least it feels like it. I am out at my mom’s house in the sticks and it is teeth-chattering cold out here! They don’t call it the high desert for nothing. No snow or anything but my mom’s mobile home feels like it has a thousand drafty cracks and I am fereeeeeeeeeezing my butt off.

    Which would be nice actually. I wish I could lose a little bit of extra butter off my butt. They say you can burn calories by shivering. Here’s to hoping that is true. (Waves frozen cup of coffee over head.) I was going to stay up and iron on Baby Bug transfer stickers all night but instead I think I’m going to go cuddle up with Baby Bug under a very thick, warm quilt and hope that tomorrow the sun comes out.