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    Cousins and stuff…

    Which one is older?

    Where was I? Oh yeah! Cousins! Do these two not look alike? One is six months younger and that would not be Baby Bug. It was so funny to see them size each other up for the first time. They are the exact same height but one can talk up a storm. The other one is super quiet with those big eyes that suck your soul right out of you.


    I love her. I love all my nieces but this one just crawled into my heart. I wanted to take her home. She wanted me to hold her right away which made Baby Bug really jealous. It was kind of interesting to see how Baby Bug reacted to another baby getting my attention. Things might be a bit tricky when and if we decide to have another child.

    the cousins watch a show

    Maybe by then Baby Bug will be a “big girl” and won’t need so much mommy-cuddle time. Or maybe I will grow another set of arms and a lap twice as big (I think I’m already working on the double size lap). I have no idea. I’m just kind of winging this mom gig by the seat of my pants and that seems to be working so far.

    Bug's rocking chair